Making My Will Online – A Brief Guide

Making My Will Online

There are now a number of companies and websites out there that enable you to put together a document that is completely legally binding and protects the future of your family and loved ones. The best part about this is that it can be done at your convenience and you do not even have to get up off of your sofa to do it. This is a world away from the more traditional route of visiting a trained solicitor to do this for you.

That being said, even when making a will online, you still have to provide some of the same details that you would by going down the more traditional route. This includes details such as savings, who assets go to, vehicles, investments, properties, and any other requests or wishes that you may have. 

Do I Require A Will?

Making a will is something that is important for everyone to do. This is because eventually we all die and although this is unfortunate, having a will in place does ensure that you have a certain level of control on how any of your possessions, properties, and / or money that you leave behind. It is also an effective way of minimising taxes, clearing up any disputes between your friends and family which may arise, and for making arrangements about who will take care of your children should you have any.

If you were to die without having a will in place then this is deemed to be a death intestate. This means that any assets that you leave behind are separated out in accordance with a set of defined legal stipulations.

Why Should I Make A Will Online?

Doing it this way is a very attractive offer for people of all types and ages. Some of the benefits that the individuals who make a will online are able to reap include it being a cheaper alternative but still coming with the professional advice and oversight from a legal expert. They are also available from lots of different companies and websites and are quicker to do than the traditional method of doing it with a solicitor

However, when making a will online you want to make sure that you are able to ask any questions that you may have to someone directly rather than it being through some sort of automated messaging system. It is also important to go with a provider that works from a one off payment rather than with one that imposes expensive ongoing fees. With the will being completely digital, it is important that some sort of storage option is provided – things are easy to lose within the digital world. 

Are Wills Made Online Legal?

The process of making a will online is no different than doing it directly with a solicitor in real life, so yes they are completely legal. There are still a number of legal requirements that you need to meet, just like when making a will via the more traditional method.

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