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Manage Back Pain Due to Work from Home with Physical Therapy

If you are amongst the majority of the people worldwide who are facing severe back pain and stiffness. Read Manage Back Pain with Therapy.


With the emergence of the global pandemic, the ways of the world have changed quite a lot. Now, it has been almost a year, and still, the world is adjusting to the “new normal.” Businesses and companies have asked their employees to work from home, and for almost the past ten months, this is the norm of the corporate world. 

So, if you have been working from home, you are probably amongst the majority of the people worldwide who are facing severe back pain and stiffness. There are several reasons for that. 

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Reasons for Back Pain and Stiffness While Working from Home

  • Owing to the severe pandemic situation, most of the time you are at home, working with your desktop or laptop. This means that your regular movements are now restricted within the four walls of the house. Lack of movement can lead to stiffness in your back.
  • Generally, at home, we don’t have an office-like setting. We don’t have similar chairs and desks that we use at the office. Hence, you are using your laptop probably while sitting on your bed, couch, floor, or a wooden or metal chair with a steady backrest. Therefore, your back and posture are not getting support which is why you are experiencing back pain.
  • The sad reality is that due to the situation, employees are often forced to overwork at home, and this prolonged sitting in front of a screen is not letting you get some rest and movement.

When dealing with back pain, you are probably swallowing one after another painkiller or just trying to ignore the pain until it is becoming something severe. But some lifestyle changes can make a lot of difference for you right now.

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How to Manage Back Pain More Effectively?

  • Your first step should be connecting someone for physical therapy. Many centres offer physical therapy Davie that will help you deal with the pain more effectively and without medication.
  • With regular exercises and PT at home, you can gain some relief from such pain. Ask your physical therapist for some PT that you can do at home on your own. 
  • Often a wrong posture can cause tension in muscles, resulting in pain and stiffness in your back. With the help of physical therapy, you can correct your posture too. Tell the therapist what the sitting arrangement is at your home and how you can fix it. 
  • Keep your computer screen at eye level. If you are even slightly bending to see the screen, this will cause tension in the muscles around your spine. Sitting like this for a prolonged time will cause pain.
  • Invest in an office chair. This is probably the best decision you can take right now. As per the situation, this WFH scenario is going to be there for some time. Hence, it is better to get an office chair and table set at home. This way, your back will get the right support. Also, your posture will remain correct. 

Many centres are offering chronic pain, car accident, and sports injury physical therapy Davie. Visit one of those today and get rid of the back pain right away. 

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