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Tips to Better Manage Your Business Fan Page on Facebook

The good thing about being a community manager is that you never stop learning. You must read about Manage Your Business Fan Page. As you research, read or share knowledge with other peers, you realize how much you still have to learn. I’m sorry to say that we will never know everything about digital marketing, social networks, and everything in them.

Today I want to share social media tips which Epha Tech agency already discussed briefly that you may not have known – some do that will help you improve the day-to-day management of your social networks. I will talk about some aspects of my business, especially Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google.

Tips to Improve Your Business Fan Page

Confirmation of Facebook Fan Pages. You do not need to be a big company or brand to verify your fan page. This will help users to determine if the page is authentic. This is very easy to do. Go to “Settings,” and in the third option, “Confirm Page” will allow you to confirm by phone what appears in the “Information” section. As soon as you click “Call,” you will receive a call with a code on this phone. In the box, indicate the code you were told, and you have already verified your page!

When you want to reach an audience in a specific area, if you want to distribute publications by language to an audience that speaks different languages ​​or geographically, this will prevent you from publishing posts with the exact text in multiple languages. To do this, you have to cut it out in language before you can print or program it. If this option does not appear, check the settings, specifically: “Public and public display of the news section.”

Upload videos featuring your company or several attractive images to the cover.

If you run different advertising campaigns for other customers, do business through Facebook. This is the tool that Facebook provides to digital marketing agencies to manage different pages and advertising accounts securely.

Never delete a negative comment; hide it if you don’t want it to appear, but anyone who writes it and their friends can continue to see it. Doing so may work against you because you will only annoy your customers. In these cases, you have to respond to the comment first, but when it is provocative or lacks credibility, it is better to hide it, do not delete it. The author and his friends will keep watching, but not the rest of the believers.

The filter of rudeness. If your page is at risk of receiving offensive comments because of its theme, I suggest you check its settings. Turn it upside down in the “Rudeness Filter” and add people in the “Moderation of the Page” who are likely to be written and who are not interested in us: scams, bullying, theft, fraud … and misrepresentations—their derivatives. Yeah, Al, that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT is not for me either.

User feedback or ratings. We refer to reviews that users do about a business with a physical location and include an evaluation in addition to this comment. This, as long as they are positive, will help us improve the company’s online reputation and help other customers trust the company. It is essential to know that they cannot be deleted. Just answer If we get a negative assessment because of X, it is better to answer them with arguments so that other users can form their opinion. However, if we don’t want it to be visible, we have to choose to hide it all. How? In the page info, below the location map, you have this option: Show the map and check in on the page. Could you turn it off?

As a carousel, you can customize each one with an additional link by adding different images to a link. For example, this is highly recommended for fashion e-commerce. If you send a post link to the category “Women’s shoes,” you can share a maximum of 5 photos. In this case, there are five different models of shoes. And then, later, edit the link of each icon to the product file in question.

If you want to post a video, don’t post the YouTube link. Upload it directly. Facebook will reward you with more organic access. You don’t like content that you post on other sites.

Make calls to action. Facebook offers us various options: send private messages, contact, register, call … edit what suits your interests.

Milestone. If your company or brand has value in its history, enrich your page by highlighting the most important events or happenings. A great example of how to handle a milestone is the L-Paz fan page. It tells the history of Spain through its cover in chronological order.

Private messages. Schedule an automated message so you get a quick response when someone writes you a letter.

Customize third-party applications tabs that give rise to third-party apps. I have already told you about the so-called third-party requests to customize your fan page in some posts. Applications that add external content to our fan page. If you wish, you can edit the icons or change the order in which they are displayed. How? Display the tabs menu on your page and click “Manage Tabs.” Here you can change the name, icon, and order that appear.

Upload animated gifs instead of JPG. It will be much more expensive than just creating a JPG image, and therefore more costly than that, but the result is desirable and will improve the engagement of the publication.

If you are a community manager, the best way to learn is to look at how the top companies in each field did it. To do this, make thematic lists of the pages you are most interested in following.

It’s always a best choice to hand over these things to a professional social media marketing services agency. Hope you love reading about “Manage Your Business Fan Page on Facebook”

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