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How Martial Arts Can Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals?

Martial arts is one of the few outlets that can reward you with more than just weight loss. Read about “Martial Arts Can Help Weight Loss”


Quarantine has been a journey of many things, from the global realization that humans are not as tenacious as society portrays to the self-assured hubris that things will get better. The pandemic situation has taught the world many things, and the value of personal health has never been more precious. However, weight loss has been an excellent escape for those looking to forget the gravity of the current health crisis.

Martial arts is one of the few outlets that can reward you with more than just weight loss; it can even impart meaningful life lessons of ancient traditions. That being said, the goal of every martial art style is to equip its students with the necessary skills and techniques to not only exercise but to maintain a sound body and mind. Today, you will be reading about how weight loss is achieved through martial arts.

Self-defence Against Obesity

For many decades, martial arts have been practiced to translate the feelings and emotions of tradition and culture. However, due to the recent rise in popularity of mixed martial arts on television and social media, the reasons for training in martial arts have shifted in many different ways.

In the past, adult martial arts classes usually had a traditional trainer and a linear program that students were made to follow. Practitioners wouldn’t have any time to enjoy what they were doing or what kind of result the training would have. Obesity is one of the many disorders that plague one in every three adults, making it a severe yet overlooked issue in many countries.

Sacrificing so much time and resources just to find the best weight loss program would even make the most dedicated feel a little hopeless. It may even be pointless to wonder, “Where to learn karate near me” without having a faithful heart to learn it. Indeed, obesity is a difficult obstacle to overcome if you’re lost in deciding where to start or who to contact.

Fortunately, some of the most prominent facilities in California are waiting for your call. Granite Bay Jiu-Jitsu offers some of the most famous training programs for Roseville martial arts enthusiasts and potential students. You wouldn’t be hard-pressed to find the right instructor for your needs, but schedules may vary depending on where you live and how frequently you want to train.

Entertainment Cardio

One of the most significant elements of a proper weight loss routine is cardiovascular training. Improving your cardio does not only help you shed off unwanted fat but can also improve your metabolism. Martial arts training offers some of the most rigorous cardiovascular exercises that anyone could want.

Due to the nature of martial arts being combat-oriented, exercising your limbs will eventually become part of your regimen. Punching and kicking pads, even shadow boxing, or kicking for hours would give your muscles the workout that joggers on a treadmill could never hope to achieve.

Some estimate the calorie burn for an intense Jiu Jitsu or boxing session to be around 500 to 2,000 calories, which is more than what you could ever hope to achieve by just jogging. While it can be fun to go the extra mile during training, professional instructors encourage students to be careful when martial arts sessions regularly inflict injuries to the inexperienced.

Preserving The Mind and Body

Martial arts empowers students to learn the traditions and culture behind the various styles by encouraging a conscious mind to watch over the body. As you grow more accustomed to the techniques and ideologies behind the art, exercising control over unhealthy eating habits becomes more appealing.

Eating healthy enables the body to perform better, which equates to having more positive results during training. Nothing can be as frustrating as not being able to land a decent kick because of physical constraints. However, with perseverance and due diligence, learning martial arts while keeping a careful watch over your diet will yield promising results in the long run.

Surprisingly, people who start getting used to the way of life instilled by learning martial arts also develop a particular urge and addiction to training. The eagerness to keep learning the craft will enable you to become more focused, determined, and goal-driven, which will result in more weight loss.


Choosing the right weight loss program has always been challenging to anyone looking to shed off a few pounds. However, with the arrival of top-notch facilities to cater to your martial arts thirst, that dilemma has since been resolved. Due to the various global issues, we’re facing in 2021, finding a reason to stay in shape has never been more apparent.

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