Meeting Rooms in Co-Working Spaces

There are lots of coffee shops nearby? Why should we rent a specific meeting room for meeting?

Dedicated meeting spaces provides your clients and yourselves a good impression of the business and focus. Let break it down.

Meeting room medan are meticulously designed for your needs and are located in strategic easy-to-access locations, for your convenience. They are open for both members and non-members. We’ve tailored the spaces to the requirements of any sizes, and also made sure that substance does not outweigh the style. That is, meaning that our meeting spaces are as beautiful as it is contemporary to enlighten and inspire your productivity.

  • First Impression

Having a good first impression is the key to gain people attention. Besides, it is also beneficial for company professional image, conducting a meeting in a professional show that the business really care about the client and take the business seriously, earning new client, retaining old client and leading to company growth.

  • Privacy

Unlike public settings, a event space medan is created specifically to keep things private and confidential, eavesdropping is the last concern of you and when conducting meeting in meeting room. It typically has higher rate of productive meeting due to people switching up to professional mode, reducing non important topics.

  • Focus

A meeting room creates a quiet environment without distractions, allowing everyone to focus. Not only that everyone will be able to hear one another clearly without the distraction people walking by and coffee shop noise.

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