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Mobile App Development Process for London businesses: Step-by-Step Guide [2021]

While most mobile app development companies are trying to take advantage of the trend, many people have no idea about app development. The success of these development projections in a competitive landscape can be a reality for your company but only if it is supported by a properly cultivated mobile app development process.

The process of effective app development covers 5 key steps.

1. Strategy

You can incorporate this into your overall enterprise mobility strategy. Because the goals of one app may differ from one another, the specific effects of the app remain on the mobility strategy during the development process.

In this phase, you will:

  •   Identify the app users
  •   Research the competition
  •   Establish the app’s goals and objectives
  •   Mobile platform for app

2. Analysis and Planning

At this point, your app idea starts to take shape and turns into a real project. Analysis and planning begins with an explanation of usage issues and the capture of detailed practical requirements.

After identifying your app needs, create a product roadmap. This includes prioritizing mobile app needs and including them in delivery milestones. If time, resources or costs are a concern define your minimum viable product (MVP) and prioritize it for an initial launch.

Have you chosen your app name yet? Mobile app names are like domain names and must be unique within each app store. Research each App Store to make sure your app name isn’t already in use! Or else you can hire an app development company in London that will hopefully come with different app names and ideas. In addition to this, these app development services providers also provide you solutions for all of your app development needs and requirements.

3. UI / UX Design

The design of an app aims to provide a smooth and easy user experience with a polished look.

The success of a mobile app depends on how well users are taking advantage of all its features. The mobile app UI / UX design aims to create the best user experiences.


Wire frames are digital forms of sketches. Wireframes are conceptual layouts, also called low loyalty mock-ups – they add visual structure to the practical needs of your app.

Wireframes are a fast and cost-effective way to design app layouts and replicate them in the design review process. When designing a wireframe you should consider the specific design of the device. So even if your app is used on iPhone, iPad, or Android phones and tablets. It provides instinctive and device specified user experiences.

Style Guide

Style guides are “live documentation” that document your company’s branding rules and app design standards, from the navigation icon.

Style guides include:

  • What font family will your app’s text use?
  • What will the color scheme be?
  • How will your company brand be demonstrated in the app design?

Style guides contribute to the app’s design strategy. At the same time, following a style guide will help maintain the shape of your app.


While mockups demonstrate the functionality of your mobile app using static design, it can be transformed into a click-through prototype through tools such as Invision and Fagma. Prototypes are extremely useful for mimicking the user experience and the workflow of the app from the finished product or the app’s proposed functionality needs to be reviewed with a Focus Group.

4. App Development

Planning is an integral part of the mobile app development process. Before embarking on actual development / programming efforts, you must:

  • define the technical architecture,
  • pick a technology stack, and
  • define the development milestones.

3 essential components of mobile app development:

 backend / server technology, API (s) and mobile app frontend.


The  method of communication between the app and a back-end server/database is called  Application Programming Interface

Mobile App Front-End

Frontend is a local mobile app that an end user will use. Sometimes, when an app is required to authorize users to work without the Internet, the app may use local data storage.

You can use almost any web programming language and database for backend. For local mobile apps, you need to select the required technology stack for each mobile OS platform. Android apps are primarily made using Java or Kotlin.

There is more than one programming language and technology stack for creating mobile apps – the key is choosing a technology stack that is best suited for your mobile app.

Mobile technologies are advancing rapidly with newer versions of mobile platforms. As platforms and devices change rapidly, agility is needed to create mobile apps in timelines and budgets. If time to market is a priority, use the agile growth method. This approach supports repetitive software releases with full functionality. Explaining development milestones as part of a dynamic development plan will help you develop your mobile application in a recurring way.

As each development milestone is completed, it is sent to the app testing team for verification.

5. Testing

Test cases are for performing test steps, recording test results to assess software quality, and tracking fixes for re-testing. One of the best practice approaches is to involve your QA team in the analysis and design steps. Familiarity with the practical needs and objectives of your app will help you create accurate test cases.


App development is an ongoing process and will continue after the initial launch as you receive user feedback and additional functionality. App development companies in London has been has provided mobile app development services toward finance, healthcare, construction, retail, consumer products, logistics, industrial engineering, and entertainment. We follow the same process for all the mobile apps we create. This enterprise will also ensure the successful launch of your app after the mobile app development process.

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