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What is a Modern Data Center Los Angeles?

In simple words, we can define a data center as a physical facility that helps companies, organizations, and individuals to house their servers, critical applications, and data. The data center in Los Angeles is designed in such a way that the delivery of shared applications and data is made possible through a network of computing and storage resources. However, if we look up to modern data centers, they have been through a considerable change.

In a modern data center, the infrastructure has been displaced from traditional on-premises physical servers to virtual networks. If we talk about the crucial elements of the data center design, they will incorporate routers, switches, firewalls, storage systems, servers, and application delivery controllers. You will later get to know in this article how they are the key components of the data center. Let us first dive into knowing how the modern data center can be crucial to the business. 

Why is a Los Angeles Data Center Important for a business?

The modern data center in Los Angeles assists in supporting applications and workloads across pools of physical infrastructure and into a multi-cloud environment through the virtual networks. Your existing business data will be able to get connected across multiple data centers, the edge, and public and private clouds. However, you must ensure that the data center you opt for your business has the ability to communicate across these multiple sites, both on-premises and in the cloud. The modern data centers in Los Angeles are built to render huge assistance in your business applications and activities that involve:

  • Email and file sharing
  • Productivity applications
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and databases
  • Big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning
  • Virtual desktops, communications, and collaboration services

What a Los Angeles Data Center Comprises?

Getting back to what we mentioned above, the key elements of a data center comprises routers, switches, firewalls, storage systems, servers, and application delivery controllers. Since these components play a major role in storing and managing business-critical data and applications, the security of the data center becomes important while building the data center design. If we consider all the crucial elements of the data center together, they are capable of rendering:

Network infrastructure – It connects servers (physical and virtualized), data center services, storage, and external connectivity to end-user locations.

Storage infrastructure – It holds data that is a valuable commodity. 

Computing resources – They implement the processing, memory, local storage, and network connectivity that drive applications.

Standards for a Data Center in Los Angeles

You can discover that there is a widely adopted standard for data center design and data center infrastructure. It is ANSI/TIA-942. It incorporates ANSI/TIA-942-ready certification. This certification assures compliance with one of four categories of data center tiers that are being rated at redundancy and fault tolerance levels. 

Tier 1: Basic site infrastructure.

This tier of basic site infrastructure data centers provides limited protection against physical events. It consists of single-capacity components and a single, non-redundant distribution path.

Tier 2: Redundant-capacity component site infrastructure.

The tier 2 data center helps to render improved protection against physical events. It consists of redundant-capacity components and a single, non-redundant distribution path. 

Tier 3: Concurrently maintainable site infrastructure.

The concurrently maintainable site infrastructure data center enables protections against virtually all physical events. It further provides redundant-capacity components and multiple independent distribution paths. 

Tier 4: Fault-tolerant site infrastructure.

The tier 4 data center helps in acquiring the highest level of fault tolerance and redundancy. It also comprises redundant-capacity components and multiple independent distribution paths.

Major Types of a Data Center

In today’s date, you can find different types of data centers and service models that are available to support and advance your business. The categorization between them is based on whether one or many organizations own them, how they suit the topology of other data centers, the technologies being utilized for computing and storage, and their energy efficiency. Broadly, they are classified into four main categories:

Enterprise data centers

The enterprise data centers are designed, administered, and owned by companies. They are optimized for their end-users. Mainly, they are housed on the corporate campus.

Managed services data centers

The managed services data centers are operated and maintained by a third party or a managed services provider on behalf of a company. Instead of purchasing the equipment and infrastructure, the company leases them. 

Colocation data centers

The colocation data centers enable companies to rent space within a data center that is owned by others and located off company premises. The colocation provider hosts the infrastructure: building, cooling, bandwidth, security, etc. Whereas the companies or organizations provide and manage the components, including servers, storage, and firewalls.

Cloud data centers

The cloud data centers are the off-premises form of data centers where data and applications are hosted by a cloud services provider such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft (Azure), or IBM Cloud, or other public cloud providers.

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