Movies Like Gone Girl

Movies Like Gone Girl

The longest wait between David Fincher movies is currently occurring in his illustrious career. This is some great suspense! What are you waiting for? Gone GirlIn 2014, hit the theaters chilling thriller, based on Gillian Flynn’s bestseller (and adapted from her screenplay), chilled our bones to the core. Rosamund Pike’s performance as Nick Dunne’s mysteriously missing wife was a career-defining one. Other memorable performances included Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry, and Carrie Coon.

Netflix Mindhunter We’ll let you mull us over while we wait to see David Fincher’s next movieMankComing later in the year – which actually is a biographical drama about how they made of citizens KaneThis film stars Gary Oldman, Lily Collins, and Amanda Seyfried. If you are looking for films that have a similar cast, here’s a list. Gone Girl, There are many masterful thrills that you can stream across your favorite platforms. If you are tired, I think these titles will be a great choice. Gone Girl Rewatches

Netflix – Dark Places

What it’s all about: Charlize Theron plays Libby Day, a woman who is haunted by her parents’ murder when she was eight years old. Corey Stoll, her brother, has been convinced of her guilt for almost 30 years. He continues serving his sentence in prison until Nicholas Hoult’s underground detective team challenges the truth.

Why Gone Girl fans will love it:2015Dark PlacesThis is the next step after one GirlBecause it is also based upon a book by Gillian Flynn, the plot has just as much depth as David Fincher’s, even though the filmmaker isn’t there.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – STARZ

What it’s all about: This is a psychologically slow-burn thrill ride that centers around Daniel Craig Mikael Blomkvist, a journalist from Sweden, is investigating the disappearance and disappearance of a woman that has been missing for over 40 years. To solve the mystery, he teams up with Lisbeth Salander, Rooney Mara’s computer hacker.

Why Gone Girl fans will love it: The Girl with the Dragon TattooThis is David Fincher’s second film – it’s actually the one he made before. Gone Girl. Both movies are undoubtedly similar, especially considering that they both feature Fincher’s visions from popular crime thriller novels.

The Prestige – Cinemax

What it’s all about: The PrestigeThe story centers around two magicians, Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. This is a dark and mysterious story about their struggle to perfect the perfect magic trick for their audience. It also stars Scarlett Johansson Piper Perabo, David Bowie Michael Caine, and Rebecca Hall.

Why Gone Girl fans will love it: Christopher Nolan is well-known for its expertly executed twists, but not enough to be included in the 2006 edition.The Prestige. The film pulls off an unexpected twist that will bring back memories of one Girl Experience.

A Simple Favor – Amazon Prime, Hulu

What it’s all about: A Simple Favor Paul Feig’s plunge into crime thrillers with a dash of humor. It is about Anna Kendrick’s blogger mommy Stephanie Smothers who forms an unlikely friendship with Blake Lively’s mysterious Emily Nelson. Emily asks Stephanie to watch her son, and then she disappears without warning to her husband (Henry Golding).

Why Gone Girl fans will love it:The 2018 thriller is a fun twist on the elements of 2018.Gone GirlThis has Anna Kendrick adding her quirkiness to Blake Lively’s sultriness. You won’t believe what you will see.

Gone Baby Gone – STARZ

What it’s all about:2007 marks Ben Affleck’s directorial debut. Gone Baby GoneThe movie stars Casey Affleck’s brother, Morgan Freeman, Ed Harris, and Amy Ryan. The film is set in Boston, and the focus of the movie centers on two detectives who are investigating the disappearance a child. The movie takes an exciting and suspenseful twist when Affleck’s character decides to go rogue in order to solve the case.

Why Gone Girl fans will love it: There’s a “gone” in the title, and Ben Affleck is involved with both one Baby GoneAndGone girl but that’s not all the reason this film is a great choice. Perhaps this film demonstrates why Affleck signed up to direct. The gone girl clearly loves the genre, and his first film is a great addition to crime dramas.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile – Netflix

What it’s all about: Extremely wicked, shockingly evil and vile Bundy, the serial killer, is told through the eyes of Liz Kendall, his longtime girlfriend. She was in a relationship for many years with him without ever knowing of his crimes. Zac Efron portrays the “charming killer“.How many women described him as being attractive? Lily Collins is Liz.

Why Gone Girl fans will love it: Fans of Netflix will be pleased with this Netflix release gone girl because it’s more frightening in certain ways, it’s also true. David Fincher wanted to show true crime in his 2014 film. Extremely wicked, shockingly evil and vileActual events are used to twist the genre.

Destroyer – Hulu

What It Is All About: DestroyerThis 2018 film was not on many people’s radar. Director of the crime dramas InvitationKaryn Kusama’s intense film follows Nicole Kidman, an unrecognizable police detective, as she plots revenge. After years of investigating the gang undercover, Erin Bell, an LAPD detective, decides to pursue them. Kidman was nominated for a Golden Globe award for her role in the film, which also stars Sebastian Stan and Tatiana Maslany.

Why Gone Girl fans will love it: What’s your chilling story? You should check it. Badass female lead. You can check. What are the elements of investigation and crime? You can check, check, and again. destroyer is an excellent alternative for those who are looking for something similar.

Prisoners – HBO

What it’s all about: Denis Villeneuve’s American debut film, which would propel him to other projects such arrival?Blade Runner 2049The upcoming adaptationDune2013 is the year of the pigPrisoners. This is another great crime drama that you must see. It centers on Hugh Jackman as Keller Dover, his daughter and friend who disappears. He takes matters into his own hands and Jake Gyllenhaal as Detective Loki pursues leads like these. Alex Jones by Paul Dano.

Why Gone Girl fans will love it: David Fincher may make different decisions but Denis Villenueve, a filmmaker who matches his style and has an inspiring style, is just as David Fincher.PrisonersThis is both a brutal and fascinating approach to the genre.

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