Movies Like John Wick

Movies Like Jhon Wick

John WickPlot Synopsis

John Wick was content with his car and the dog that his wife gave him as a last gift. John Wick, once a famed assassin, decided to end his previous life and settle down.

He’s still grieving, trying to keep everything from crumbling, but he meets Losef Tarasov who is the son a Russian mob boss. John is interested in his car, but he realizes that it’s not worth enough to make him sell it. He and his men enter John’s home to steal the car. They beat John and then kill the puppy. But they made a mistake by not killing the dog when they could.

John finally gives up and decides to return to his former life. He plans to take down the Russian mob empire alone. People have doubted if John is real, or if it’s a myth made up by men. They only believe it after they see it for themselves.

Let’s now take a look at John Wick movies that will keep you satiated until the next installment in this thriller series.

Films similar toJohn Wick

The Matrix

The Equalizer


Jack Reacher


American Sniper


1.The Matrix

The Matrix, a sci-fi/fantasy movie that stars Keanu Reeves and features unforgettable action sequences, is the first movie on our list. What is the Matrix? This simple question is the core of the entire plot. But, it requires you to explore a lot more. The Matrix tells the story of people fighting for freedom from oppression and tyranny in a world where humanity is kept in a fake reality.

Only Neo, the chosen one can bring humanity to the truth. However, he must first learn how to control his powers with the help Morpheus, another rebel. Because the Matrix is so fake, it makes it easy for people to not face reality. Is Neo really going to bring down humanity’s fate?

2.The Equalizer

Robert McCall knows that not every book must have a happy end. He lives a normal, ordinary life and works an average job. After a dispute, Teri, a young girl from Russia, is brutally attacked by Russian mobsters. McCall feels compelled to release his demons. He refuses to give her up in exchange for money. This is the worst mistake of his life as he tries to eliminate an entire mob.

McCall is the voice of the voiceless and makes people feel as if there is a guardian angel watching them. McCall uses his lethal abilities to eradicate those who are a threat to society.

Denzel Washington stars in this movie. A second installment was released a few years back. I hope they continue to make more. The Equalizer is a great movie for those who are looking for John Wick movies.


You should believe a father who tells you to release your daughter or he will find and kill you. Bryan Mills, a former government agent, is forced to use every skill at his disposal in order to save his daughter. Because he’s thousands of miles from his daughter and cannot do anything about it, he must let it happen.

Like the many others, he embarks on a high-risk assignment. The only difference is that it’s personal. We follow a father as he embarks on his most important quest. As he draws closer to the goal, we witness the emotional pain he faces.

4.Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher, a military legend, is often questioned about why he quit his job as an investigator in the army. Reacher is a dangerous man and a danger to all who come in contact with him. He assists the lawyer of an ex-military spyer who is accused of randomly killing five persons.

The investigation uncovers that the case appears to be quite straightforward at first, but there is more beneath, putting Jack and his family in danger. Although people may feel they are above the law, coming face-to-face with Jack Reacher makes them question their abilities. This action movie is available on Netflix.


Marvel Studios’ R-rated superhero movie took everyone by surprise. Wade Wilson is a man with a hysterical personality who works borderline illegal jobs. But things change when he learns about his incurable cancer. Only one hope is a secret program to create mutants. He is tortured for hours and eventually gains superhuman abilities.

Deadpool becomes an even more cartoonish version of himself, constantly breaking the fourth wall to talk with the viewers directly. With his hilarious superhero-spoof comedy and incredible action sequences, Deadpool has become a household name.

American Sniper

This story is based on Chris Kyle’s real life as a U.S. Navy seal. It tells the story of a soldier who cannot seem to leave war behind. He can’t stop hearing the gunshots even when he is at home with his wife and son. Kyle cannot resist the urge to go back to war. He is meticulous and lethal. Clint Eastwood’s movie starring Bradley Cooper takes you on a patriotic trip and will make you appreciate the sacrifices of soldiers every day.


Fury, a World War 2 movie starring Brad Pitt, is proof that the Nazis are in serious trouble. Things get worse in war. Only the most resilient men survive, those who have already accepted their mortality. Don Collier, an Army sergeant, embarks on an impossible mission behind enemy lines with only four other men. They seem to have already taken the short end of their stick.

How many can they take on before giving in to the enemy’s overwhelming numbers? The man you are next to is only as good as your own. You can’t trust your partner with anything. Many people will have to lose their blood before the war can be ended. Only a few will enjoy the fruits of its aftermath. This movie is both shockingly moving and brutally honest. It’s not easy to understand. We’ve warned you.

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