Napoleon Total War Mods – Most Popular Mods from Amazing RTS Game Total War

Napoleon is a very popular game in the Total War game series and thousands of people really love to play Mods created for this game. Too many mods are created by different developers but we just add the most popular in our list for you.


Total War becomes the most popular series which consists of Turn Base & RTS styles. You can read more about these games on Best Total War Games – Most Popular Game in History of Strategy. Every game in the series is explained well with complete details.

If you are looking for more mods for other games in this series, just visit on Top Total War Mods – Most Popular Mods for all Total War Games, because mods for almost every game in the series are added there. In this article, you can read about mods created for Napoleon Total War only.

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Details of Napoleon Total War Mods

DarthMod Napoleon

Very popular team of developers DarthMod who are trying to create something new for every game in the series. You may see some of their mods above for other games in the series. The main purpose of this mod is to fight with AI which is so much powerful and intelligent.


North & South: American Civil War

Multiplayer mode where you can choose to play as Union or other faction who is trying to free America. People know too much about the history of the American revolution and this mod provides you with a chance to actually be part of it, fight for freedom or play as a faction which is wiped out from history now. But there are no campaigns in this mod and mostly you can see it as a multiplayer mode. Consider this civil war as one of the best Mods for Napoleon Total Wars.


The Great War

It’s a very large mod which is mostly focusing on World War 1. Huge battalions are marching to attack, many new types of weapons are also created for this game as per historical backgrounds. Sometimes it important to win few battles where you get fewer soldiers and the enemy is attacking with too many soldiers.

Another important feature of this game representation of big naval battles. Experience the game where many ships are fighting each other for the glory of their faction. Become the leader of any nation and lead it to glory when whole Europe is fighting the biggest war of history know as world war 1.


World War II – Sandstorm

Huge mod which is all about world war 2 were British army is trying to defend against french soldiers and another army same time in Africa. One large campaign is built for players to enjoy this mod from start to end. There are a lot of tactical and other types of decisions involved in-game and players must make them perfectly as supreme commander of forces.


The Khartum and Zulu Mod

Huge mod created from the history of colonization in Africa. There was a large kingdom of Zula which resist to these people from the British. Both sides tried to make some kind of agreement with each other but it was failed. Now the British empire starts attacking them and you can experience a real high level of fights between both sides. Popular mod which can provide you with a full experience to know about what actually these empires did to small independent kingdoms on all over the world with their cruelty.


Napoleon: Total Combat

Total Combat is a very popular mod for this amazing game Napoleon Total War. Really cool mod which mainly focuses on 2 different changes in the original game. First of all, they try to make the whole game units look better and huge. It means players can more easily look at them with also huge fire and use of weapons too. They change this game a lot for players to enjoy everything.

The second most important change in this game is AI power. More intelligent and powerful AI is created which are continue resisting to you. In most games, if you defeat AI’s main army, there is no one left to fight you and it’s so easy to defeat them. But this mod is different because AI can resist till to end and you may need a large army to defeat them. In simple words, AI will fight with you in their streets until the death of the last men standing.

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Diverse Artillery Mod

Amazing mod which only focuses on Artillery by adding too many new units in this game. Another benefit of this mod is to make games look more realistic when it comes to battles. All new units are added for almost every faction in-game. But they try their best to create a more balanced Napolean Total War Mod by giving every faction fix number of units.

It’s not all about adding some new units because too many other factors like explosion & damage effects are also updated. The main aim is to make the game look real, which means almost everything


Europe in Conflict

A lot of new content is added to this mod for players. Europe in Conflict is more like an expansion pack then just a simple mod. Some new gameplay systems are added which include recruitment, effects on player morale, and naval options. The most amazing and new feature in this game is a disease which provides a new kind of threat to everyone by making the game more challenging.

Every nation can feel the effects of plagues anytime which is a very dangerous situation especially when its wartime. Its almost impossible to explain all features of this mod but you can download it and try yourself to explore more.


The Rights of Man II

The Rights of Man effects on all game from units, missions, maps to campaign on all levels. Some new units are added & also a few new nations are included. They allow players to recruit foreign troops from the location which are captured already by them. A lot of other changes are also part of updates in the recruitment system.

All units which are hired from captured nations have their own uniform & all kind of unique weapons. There are a lot more updated in this game to make it the perfect Napoleon Total War mod ever created. The Rights of Man 2 also focus on the campaign which is not even touched in most mods for Total War games.


Masters of Europe

Masters of Europe is created by the 2 most popular developers for Total War Mods. They already build their own different mods which are very popular. Now they work together to build something amazing known as Masters of Europe. You can imagine how much this mod is popular when thousands of fans of both modders started to play it together.

The main focus of this mod is not content but improvement in the overall game. There are too many changes that improve gameplay and other features of the game. All kinds of battles, tech & other features of games are improved at a high level.


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Napoleonic Total War 3

Napoleonic Total War 3 is created on the base of the original game to make it better, historically accurate & amazing for lovers of Napoleon Total War games. They work for years to create the most amazing games like Napoleonic Total War 3. Over 40 factions & 150 new units are added in this mod which is too much for a single mod. Napoleonic Total War 3 becomes more like a game than just a simple mod.

Maps & battles are now larger compare to the original game. It’s impossible to explain everything about this mod because we need to write a full post about it. You must try this mod & check out yourself.


Top Posts on the Same Topic

Fandom Post is a very popular site for writing about all kinds of games. On their site article written about Napolean Total War Mods, includes 15 different mods. But there is a huge difference between our article & theirs because we add only mods which provide changes in-game. Mods added on their sites are very small with mini changes in-game which you can consider as almost no effect.

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Every game in the series is very popular but some games like Napoleon Total War are loved by millions of players. But there are only a few amazing mods available for this game compared to too many mods for some other games in the series. Write the comments below and tell us which mod you already played and rate them as per your gaming experience. If you think we miss any mod to be added to this list, suggest us to include it here.

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