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Natural Ways to Relieve Stress, Stay Healthy and be Productive

Stress has gradually made itself the norm in our present world. You can explore some effective Natural Ways to Relieve Stress.


Stress has gradually made itself the norm in our present world. This is not surprising as many stressors seem inevitable around us. It could be pressure from work and relationships, economic crisis, constant deadlines, and others. These affect mental health and saps productivity, especially at work. 

Sadly, stress is the precursor for various health issues like stroke, diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. This makes it essential to consider a healthy coping mechanism to tackle stress and boost your productivity. Some people resort to unhealthy stress coping mechanisms like overeating, indulging in alcohol, smoking, kicking something, excessive speeding, etc., which are hardly adequate.

Here are natural and effective ways to relieve stress, boost productivity and keep your mental health in top gear. 

Don’t Sacrifice Sleep.

For a long time, one of the sources of stress is profound insomnia. Even though excessive stress will reveal itself via the inability to sleep, researchers discover that poor sleep also sets the stress stage. 

Remember the last time you could not get enough sleep. Your irritation level was high, and your productivity suffered. Your ability to cope with normal daily activities suffered, which affected your mood and outlook. This makes it essential to take healthy steps to get a deep and relaxing sleep if you hope to combat stress.

Here are some practical tips to help you get a deep and relaxing sleep:

  • Aim for an average of eight hours of sleep. Sleep is not for the weak, as some business leaders have assumed. To be productive and on top of your game, you need the regenerative effect of deep sleep.
  • Have a Sleep schedule: in other words, do not sleep when you feel like it. Regulate your body’s internal clock by having a set time to go to bed and wake up. 
  • Don’t oversleep on weekends: Yes, weekends are your time out from the demands of your daily job, but excessive sleep can disrupt your sleep schedule.
  • Avoid bright lights: especially stay away from blue lights. If you must sleep with light, make it pretty dim and use thick curtains to block any reflection from the window
  • Use CBD: Using CBD products like CBD bath bombs, CBD oil, etc., makes it easy to fall asleep. You can even buy weedsmart online and add it to your nighttime routine. 
  • Turn off screen about 45 minutes before bed: Whatever source of the screen you have, like TV, laptops, mobile phones, etc., keep them off when trying to fall asleep. 


There is a reason reputable firms give their employees vacation. It allows them to take time out in a different environment, which positively influences the stress hormone. A vacation is meant for you to leave the hustling and bustling of the city, forget the stress and demand of your job, and connect with nature. 

It allows you to gain perspective, recharge, and focus more on yourself and your loved ones. Your brain also gets a time out from the routine, which is relaxing as well. According to the American Psychological Association, vacation can help reduce stress as it removes people from everyday activities and the environment they associate with stress. 


The body releases a hormone called cortisol when stressed. This stress hormone can set the stage for inflammation and other unhealthy aftermaths of too much stress. It is responsible for depression, heart disease, and others. 

According to a study, regular meditation can help boost emotional reactivity – the body’s response to stress. This keeps down the cortisol level, thus reducing inflammation. 

Meditation involves focusing on the moment, in other words, taking your mind away from whatever activity is making your mind go haywire. It consists of sitting in a spot and focusing on your breath or paying attention to a particular activity around you while blocking everything out. Look for a place where you can meditate properly. It should be away from distractions. For example, going on meditation retreats because of the calmness and clean air coming from nature, wherein you can relax and focus on your meditation and breathing exercises.


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Organize and Prioritize

When you have many things to do, such that you feel overwhelmed, that is a significant cause of stress. This comes down to organizing and structuring your life and work such that you will not feel overwhelmed.

Here are recommended ways to make it happen:

  • Clarify your goals: this happens by having clear objectives. Make sure your daily activities all help to achieve your overall goal.
  • Focus on a maximum of three things: multitasking might make you seem like a superhuman, but the mind cannot handle so much, and it reduces efficiency.
  • Have a To-Do List: this will go a long way to help make sure you get things done. You can use a notebook or an app to keep track of your activity. 

Have a Good Work-Life Balance 

While the introduction of mobile technology was meant to make life easier, it comes with a couple of cons. Part of it is making it difficult for people to disconnect after a long day. Many people deal with the urge to check their emails even late at night or on weekends. In other words, you cannot let go of the stress of work since it is still on your mind. 

While dedication and productivity at work are exemplary, not taking some time off, especially at weekends, could sap your productivity and set the stage for fatigue.

With this, when you are out of work, make sure to switch off your email and enjoy your relaxation period. Do something that makes you relax, like having a long bath, curling up with a book, or walking your dog. This will relax you rather than worrying about a work-related email. 

Get Some Exercise

Exercise provides some clear physical benefits like weight loss, improved sleep, low blood pressure, and better heart health. There are, however, benefits to mental health as well. 

When you exercise, it induces the release of endorphins –the feel-good chemicals. This chemical is responsible for elevating mood, reducing stress, improving sleep and self-esteem. These factors set the stage for reduced stress.

Not only does exercise helps you handle stress, but it also increases emotional resilience. Not everyone has time for the gym, even though it is excellent to fit that into your schedule. However, it is about living an active lifestyle, taking a walk once a while, cycling down the street, and joining a dance class. As little as five minutes of exercise can trigger stress-reducing hormones. 

Get Some Exercise

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While stress seems inevitable in our modern world, there are positive ways one can manage stress and increase productivity. Here are tips that can help you avoid the effect of stress and maintain good health. Hope you love reading about “Natural Ways to Relieve Stress”

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