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Need, Features, And Brands of Best Mobile Antivirus 2021

Technology has not just made the life of a human being easy but it is also a threat to people’s personal data. As people nowadays use mobile phones for all purposes like playing games, checking office emails, contact friends, etc. So phones are also vulnerable to viruses and malware. It is very essential to keep the mobile phone safe from viruses to keep your data safe. For this purpose, both Google and Apple have worked a lot on the security of the phones but to keep it safer, you can download both free and paid versions of antivirus. You must be confused between paid and free versions and whether you need an antivirus or not. Let’s see the answers to this question:

Way to Protect Your Phone from Viruses:

There is no one in the world that does not use the internet nowadays. If you use the internet through your smartphone then there are high chances of your phone getting a virus. Before downloading any antivirus the most essential thing a user should do is to keep his phone updated to the latest software. It will help users avail of all the recent security updates and keep the phone safe. The second thing is to on the safe side keep a backup of your data in case of any virus attacking your software.

Need For Antivirus in Android Phones:

Not just android, Google software is used in a variety of other devices. As compared to PC the chances of Android picking malware are less. But does not means that it is free from malware. There are still chances of the device getting malware. Although Google has worked and improved the security of the android phone in the following ways:

The New Software Will Keep Bogus Apps Away.

Using the updated software, if your device is lost you can track it.

Google play protect, protect your phone without you knowing or doing anything.

Google protects also makes you aware of how to protect the threatened and deal with them.

If you use your phone for office use and your phone consists of sensitive data then you may need antivirus software to keep your phone safe from viruses.

Brands of Best Antivirus Mobile Software:

Antivirus software we’re first invented for PC security but later on as people start using mobile more antivirus software we’re designed for mobile as well. All the popular brands that use to offer antivirus for PC, now offer antivirus for mobile phones. Let’s have a look at the names of these companies:

  • MacAfee
  • Trend Micro
  • Avast
  • Bitdefender
  • Kaspersky
  • Norton

Else than these popular antivirus apps, there are some apps that have medium popularity among people are as follow:

  • 360 security
  • Webroot
  • Lookout

Most of the antivirus software is paid and provides the user with different packages. The user can choose any package as per his need. Following are the brand names that offer free antivirus services:

  • Sophos Mobile Security
  • Antivirus Free
  • Avira Antivirus Security 2018
  • Norton Security and Antivirus
  • Bitdefender
  • Webroot Security Free.

Features of The Best Mobile Antivirus:

In the free versions of mobile antivirus software, you will only get limited features whereas, in the paid version, you can have a variety of features depending upon the package you choose. Following are general features that the best mobile antivirus should offer:


The anti hiding feature is very useful as it is aware of the user about the links that can lead to malware. It also warns the user about websites that are used for accessing personal data and spreading viruses.

App lock:

 The app lock features enable you to look at your important apps using a password. It helps you keep your sensitive data safe. You can edit the setting and decide how to have access to the website.


You will never know when your device is at risk and the virus starts affecting your system. So this feature helps you create a backup of your device data on the cloud. The feature enables you to edit the backup schedule and choose that best suits you.


 It is one of the most used features of antivirus software. It helps block unwanted and suspicious messages and calls on your mobile phone.

Privacy advisor:

It helps in scanning and presenting the user with the warning of the apps require more data than needed.

Remote location:

Using this feature, you can see the location of your phone from the web browser. For working it requires GPS.

Remote photo:

The most incredible feature of antivirus software is the remote photo. It captures every face that tries to enter your phone. If anyone tries to enter the wrong password a couple of times on your phone, this feature will take the picture of that person using a mobile camera and send it to you via email.

Safe Browsing Mode.

 In this mode, the antivirus software keeps a track of you and warns you about any suspicious links or websites, and keeps you secure.

Sim Lock:

If the sim is removed from your phone, your phone will not work because of this feature.


 If you have a lot of apps installed on your phone and these apps take a lot of battery then this feature is a must for you. It detects the app that takes a lot of battery, which in short results in slow performance of the phone.

Final Words:

Phones nowadays are facing many virus attacks. The security of phones also works well in stopping these attacks but to better protect the best mobile antivirus software can be of great help. The antivirus software provides the user with a variety of features that help users prevent and fight against malware. The antivirus software is present in variety, some of the popular ones ate mentioned above. You can choose the paid or free versions as per your needs. So keep your mobile phones safe by downloading the best mobile antivirus on your smartphones. You can check a number of words on your mobile phone by using a character counter.

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