Nonprofits Turning to Sage for Fundraising and Grant Management Solutions

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Accel-KKR, an information-based technology-driven private equity firm, has entered into a contract to buy Sage Nonprofit Solutions, an award-winning provider of donor and fundraising management, grant writing services, and accounting software products to nonprofit organizations. In acquiring the company, Accel expects to enhance its existing clientele and to increase its pool of highly skilled professionals while at the same time building upon its strong partnerships and longstanding relationships with the key suppliers of its core products.


The acquisition of Sage will enable Accel to build its proprietary technology platform and extend its influence over the entire accounting and grant writing and management supply chain. The acquisition also represents an important step for Accel to consolidate its presence in the KPI (key performance indicators) industry and to position itself as the leader in offering KPI and PSA (program support and maintenance) solutions. The acquisition also positions Accel as the market leader for online and desktop financial reporting and analysis tools.

Since its founding in 1998, Sage has been dedicated to developing cutting-edge nonprofit accounting software products and services that enable nonprofits to better manage their resources. As one of the fastest-growing nonprofit software companies in the public sector, Sage ensures that its products are compliant with the most recent standards by the IRS and other governmental agencies. Its website boasts more than 150 professional nonprofit members and professional contributors. In addition to maintaining a strong web presence, Sage maintains Sage Blog, an online community where nonprofits can participate and contribute.

As a result of its success and comprehensive service setup, Sage has gained a comprehensive market position in the nonprofit CRM market. While competing primarily with companies like Microsoft Business Solutions, Quest Software, and SharePoint, Sage is poised to build on its existing strengths and expand its influence as the premier source of affordable, accessible, and user-friendly CRM solutions for nonprofits. In addition to its state-of-the-art Sage Campaign Management solution, Sage also provides a free version of Sage Enterprise CRM, an accounting software solution with database and report-building capabilities. While nonprofits have the ability to utilize Sage Campaign Management and Sage Enterprise CRM free of charge, the solutions do require a monthly fee to be paid.

On the corporate front, Accel Partners, the parent company of Sage, has announced a $7 million strategic investment in the company. Accel plans to utilize Sage’s CRM, networking, and CRM modules in its own on-campus IT department. As part of the investment, the company will be releasing its new logo, as well as a new slogan and corporate identity. The new logo and identity will be utilized on all company communications, on-campus and off-campus. According to the spokesperson, Jackie Parks, “The new logo and identity are reflective of our commitment to building a creative and technology-driven culture while creating a deep understanding for all of our stakeholders of the value of Sage as a partner.”

As part of their agreement with Accel Partners, Sage is agreeing to not pursue any activity that would interfere with their client’s intellectual property rights. This includes not selling Sage proprietary information or violating clients’ intellectual property rights in any way. Additionally, the company will work with the supervisory staff of Sage’s parent company to train Sage employees on how the various Sage modules work. Supervisors will be trained not to include Sage-purchased modules in their own reports. However, when they leave the organization, they will be available to answer any questions clients may have.

In addition to developing their own Sage nonprofit CRM solution, nonprofits will have access to Sage’s commercial-grade sister products, including Sage Enterprise Solutions CRM. This software solution already has been incorporated with social media tools, sales tracking, and survey modules. “This gives nonprofits instant online presence while building better consumer awareness and engagement,” says Parks. The partnership between Sage and Accel Partners will strengthen both companies’ foothold in the non-profit industry. This gives nonprofits a competitive advantage.

“The Sage contract is a valuable way for nonprofits to partner with a proven business partner that works closely with local businesses,” says Greg Marshall, CEO of Grasswire, an internet communications, and technology company based in Los Angeles, California. “They already have strong business relationships with several large national retailers, which increases their credibility and reduces the risk of getting stuck in a vendor lock-up. By working together, Sage can provide nonprofits with an even wider range of benefits, such as the ability to provide a more customized, in-house solution that meets the unique needs of a local organization.” Grasswire, along with its sister companies, has extensive experience in providing nonprofit organizations with online website management, database management, online marketing, web development, and other web-based services.

Through the adoption of Sage’s CRM and Sage nonprofit software solutions, nonprofits can increase their revenue streams and take their brand and message nationwide. No matter what level of nonprofit work you do, using the right software solutions will greatly enhance your effectiveness, while lowering your expenses and increasing your potential for growth. This year, nonprofit leaders across the nation are turning to Sage for their grant management needs.

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