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The Google AdSense program is a great way to make some pocket-sized changes from a medium size, but there are many potential pitfalls. In addition to needing the right road level to make real money, you need to make sure you meet all the eligibility requirements.

Google has a few specific, real-time requirements for AdSense. I will list them here, but I am most concerned about the “unqualified” eligibility requirements, those that do not prevent you from this program but make profits in this program possible.

Your Site Must Have Unique and Attractive Content

This, and the next, are locked in a small page called “make sure your site’s pages are AdSense compliant.” Another rule is how your site needs to have the right content to make money. If Google finds that your site contains only small pages, stolen or removed content, irrelevant content, or content that does not value the reader, they will probably reject your request.

These are some of the most common SEO stuff, honesty. As long as you write your content and aim for something people want, you’re probably right. The bar is shallow. This is intended to hack spam sites, PBNs, content thieves, and other such sites.

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You Shouldn’t Use Copyrighted Content.

All content you show on your site, from photos to text to videos, needs to be something you can use or share following copyright law. For example, your pages should contain customizations for your blog, photos you have created, a logo you have paid for, and more.

In some cases, you may be able to use content that you did not create legally. For example, embedding social media posts or a YouTube video – as long as you don’t say you created it when you didn’t – is sufficient. You can also be expected to add surrounding, unique content to add value. Images you have not created can be used as long as you have a license to use them, such as from a stock photo site. If you face some error issues, Read details to solve valuable inventory: scraped content, under construction page, or more.

Copyright is a big, deceptive law, so you better make a mistake on the precautionary side here.

Your Site Must Have a Clear Navigation

Navigation is essential for users to know their route around your site, and Google requires their team to update the site, so if that team is unable to navigate, you may not be able to get approval.

Clear Website Navigation Example. Here’s what Google says your site should have:

  • Easily accessible menu or navigation bar.
  • Well-inserted items in your menu bar.
  • Send a text to your readable bar.
  • Items, downloads, and links that work well.

Google does not force the “normal” web design you see everywhere these days, however. You can use a sidebar, a rotating sidebar, or even a footer to navigate your navigation if you want, as long as it’s clean and functional. Users may not like it, however. Also, keep in mind that this, like most Google policies, applies to both desktops and versions of the site.

Your Content Must Comply With Google’s Content Policies

Google has many restrictions on the type of content made on a site that makes money. Your site may not contain material such as adult content, pornography, shocking content, threats, foul language, hacked content, malware, drug content, arms sales, and so on.

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Google Publisher Policies

So much more than I just wrote here. You can read the entire section on the content policies here. Make sure your site complies with all its terms before applying. Follow these Google AdSense approval requirements and Get Approval Quickly.

You Should Not Circle The Fraud Traffic

This is great, perhaps one of the great AdSense policies out there, but it is also not something you can check or decide before you get the program approval. Instead of getting rejected, there is a good chance it will lead to a ban on the system over time.

As Google states:

“Clicking on Google ads must be motivated by genuine user interest. Any method that generates clicks or impressions in your Google Ads is not permitted. These prohibited methods include, but are not limited to, repeated or pop-up manipulations, automatic clicks, and tools for the production and use of robots or deceptive software. Please note that clicking on your ads for any reason is not allowed.”

Google will sample your traffic and clicks, and if they receive indications that you are targeting fraudulent or appearing clicks in your AdSense ads, they will not hesitate to block you.

You Must Have Technical Pages

Google doesn’t say this anywhere, but a page is more likely to be rejected from the system if it doesn’t have the technical pages that are first trusted in the product. In this case, the technical pages are three main pages: the privacy policy page, the About Us page, and the contact page.

Privacy Policy Example

Now, that doesn’t mean all of this needs to be separate pages. It is usually a good idea to divide the privacy policy into another page if it is complex. Still, the simple disclosure of “we do not favor any information” is sufficient in some cases. Similarly, About Us and the contact page are usually the same pages. If you face some error issues, Read details to solve valuable inventory: no content, templated page.

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The presence of a page about helping users believe that you are who you claim to be and a certain level of legitimacy behind your product. Similarly, a contact page with information such as address and phone number makes you more reliable than a non-contact product.

At least Six Months old site gets Adsense faster.

When AdSense first started, it was easy to apply and get permission. Eventually, Google realized that they had a problem with tons of new, low-quality sites that cost a lot of money, so they began to raise their standards. Well, all of the above rules are something they have encountered and had to block.

Date of Domain Creation

Another way Google has blocked a certain level of harassment on their site is to prevent anyone from being hacked. Specifically, if the page is less than six months old – like you just created your site last week – you may find it hard to get approval.

This does not always work. If you previously had successful sites, Google may approve a new domain. Now move to the main question is that how to make money off your phone? It’s traffic that will help you make money using your mobile phone.

Although Traffic is not their requirements but Some Traffic is helpful for it.

Google does not discriminate against you if you do not have enough traffic. How much traffic do you need to make the right amount of money?

A brand new site probably has very little capacity, which means it will make very little money. Trying to create new sites, make money quickly, and discard them when you are banned will not get anyone a lot of money to stay in the USA.

On the other hand, in a country like Bangladesh or Pakistan, where the cost of living is very low, this type of abuse can be very costly. Therefore, Google often has to wait for new sites in such areas.

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