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Play Store has plenty of offline action games. Choosing the best could be difficult. Read about some Offline Action Games for Android.


These are Android’s top 12 offline adventure games for 2021 to play on your device. They are games that do not need the internet or data to play, and before you play them, you do not need Wifi.

The Google Play Store has plenty of offline action games. Choosing the best could be one of the most difficult tasks, regardless of how commonly accepted it is.

Additionally, these great offline action games on the Google Play Store are quite a trend. They’re not going to struggle to get your adrenalin racing.

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Without delay, these are Android’s best offline action games for download.

Top 12 Offline Action Games for Android


In a realistic New York City zombie world, blood-sucking demons are everywhere. You’ve got to survive against all odds, take to New York’s streets, subways, sewers, and back alleys, and make it out alive. Unkilled is one of the free android games in play store for free download and fully offline.


 XCOM is among the best offline Android games for download on Play-store. This franchise strategy drops you into an arms race with aliens attacking your world. To win, it combines turn-based play with foundation and resource management, allowing each player to pull out all their abilities.


When you watch a detective show, do you know the feeling and they show up at the suspect’s house and hear the screaming inside? Your law experience tells you that now, without a warrant, the cops have reasonable suspicion to enter the premises. And what are they now doing? Kick the door down.

As you prepare their infiltration, you are provided with building plans and can choose the gear your guys need to infiltrate. The huge strategic gameplay of Door Kickers will be sure to fulfil all your door kicking desires.


Two major modes of play exist survival and creativity.

The mode of survival is just the way it looks. Individuals are thrown into a world where you have the task of staying alive. To build a home, feed yourself and safeguard yourself, you have to gather supplies.

That creative mode resembles a sandbox. Starting with resources, you’re set loose to build whatever your heart wants. It’s available for free download on the play store.

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Planescape: Torment has been credited as an influence for other popular RPG games and is praised for providing one of the best video game storylines of all time. Travel around the world to realize how immortal you have become as you attempt to restore that lost memories of yours.


From the initial Grand Theft Auto games, San Andreas is a flip. GTA is an open-world action-adventure game combining third-person shooter and driving game features to create some fascinating and exciting gameplay.


It is listed as one of the best free android game ever made for Star Wars. 4000 years before the Galactic Empire rises to dominance, it is set so that you can experience an age that is seldom seen. KOTOR is a game you don’t want to skip because of the amazing pairing of storytelling and RPG gameplay.


Battle Chasers features beautiful hand-drawn art that remains true to a comic book’s style while offering battles in JRPG style and fun storytelling for gameplay. Battle Chasers is a comprehensive and rich universe in which players will be lost for hours.


The first aspect you will note about the Banner Saga free android game is its distinctive painting style, giving a special appeal to this dark fantasy adventure.

Two nomadic groups follow, which have only one goal: to survive. This mobile game combines elements from Final Fantasy and The Oregon Trail to allow for a new gaming experience.


The most applauded aspect of the Baldur’s Gate sequence is the fabulously complex world-building. You’re starting disoriented and jailed. It is just the beginning of your journey to escape your inhuman slavery. Baldur’s Gate series turned heads century ago.


Terraria blends Minecraft’s crafting and survival game elements with a 2D retro adventure on the platform.

Terraria is accessible on PC and smartphone and appeals to the most primitive looting impulse of humans. Plan to spend decades digging deep into the world of Terraria to collect and upgrade your properties, because this is a fun and addictive game.

Wars of Geometry 3

With over 100 fun-filled levels to enjoy, there’s no getting tired of this. One of the greatest offline action games for Android is this arcade action thriller. Travel far and wide and encounter 12 combat styles in Geometry Wars 3.

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