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Old Pc Games Ranked 21-30 – Best 50 Games Released between 1991-2000

Old Pc Games Ranked 21-30 – 3rd Level games which are less better than previous games connected to it. Read all 5 articles if you love old games and looking for the best out of too many games to play.


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Rank 21-30 Games

21- Civilization II

You already read in a previous article about Colonization. But this time we add a game in our 3rd level list which is actually Civilization original game. Tuen base Strategy where you need to build a huge world with different settings. The process of learning this game is a little difficult as you may see a lot of settings at the start of the game. It can take time to know about different units, buildings, and strategies. We consider this game best because there are only a few games in the past gaming period which are this much complicated. Most games released in that 10 years period are educational, action, FPS & some other strategy games.

22- StarCraft

StarCraft is a different type of game, space colonization where different species are fighting with each other. A new type of unit which is created for space type like aliens. Remember, Each unit & building is different from each other, it’s hard for most players to understand each function easily. But when someone learns, this game becomes best in the whole world of strategy games. Exploration, defending, creating an army to attack enemy bases are common tasks in this game which you can also find in other games too. The game is fast because you need to work all around to focus on everything.

23- Icewind Dale

Icewind Dale is an exploration and RPG style game in which the player controls a party that includes different characters. The main purpose is to complete some basic side quests when following the main storyline. Don’t think it as an RPG game in which players just follow some simple rules and nothing more. In Icewind Dale, you will large houses where players can actually enter and much more. Complicated settings that are making it the best game in the history of RPG games.

24- The Journeyman Project 3 – Legacy of Time

Single-player adventure game released in 1998. As you can understand from the above video, the player needs to explore different places in a large world. Consider it one of the best adventure games released in past gaming. Different characters are part of the game which players must interact from start to end. The game is built on story management system where players have some tools to use for different places. Its 3rd game in the series and you can also find about 2 games which were released before with details on the internet. The map is very helpful in-game, you may not see any other people in real-time mode in-game.

25- Alone in the Dark 3

Alone in the Dark 3 is horror, survival & investigation game series. The Player will play as Edward who is trying to solve the disappearance of some people and the responsible person is also there is town. Huge place to explores with all kinds of locations, different enemies everywhere. Graphics quality is not much of standard but that’s what is the main issue with old games. A lot of zombies are there who attack players with different weapons like guns, later some more different kinds of zombies also started to appear in-game. After more time is passed, dangerous monsters are appearing in-game.

26- MechCommander

Best real-time tactics game in which the player needs to complete some basic tasks. There are over 30 missions well planned from start to end for players. Objects in-game are like defending your base, protect friendly units, fight with different kinds of enemies attacking, and some others. A lot of new kind of tech is involved in this game with different kind of units for this game. Another game in the series was released in 2001. As you can see its number is 26 in our best old gaming list but its 6th game in the list of Old Pc Games Ranked 21-30.

27- Warzone 2100

Warzone 2100 is an amazing game similar to command and conquer style with buildings, units, and separate structures for each faction. It was released in 1999. As per the main story, the whole world is destroyed by nuclear attacks and millions of people are dead already. Now world id divided in different surviving faction, the player is part of the most powerful organization which is trying to rebuild the world again. They sent 3 different teams on missions against some other factions who have their own purposes. Playing as the main character, you will join different teams to complete various missions all over the maps.

28- Cannon Fodder

A war-themed action game where you control a squad of 2-8 different commandos and complete various missions. Each man is different with some guns and other weapons, fighting in different locations. Sometimes the mission takes place in the forest, inside the building area, and random places. Unlike other games, the player can only save this game after completion of each mission. Some of the common objects in-game are killing enemies, rescue hostages, and destroy some enemy’s buildings.

29- Ground Control

This game Ground Control is about fighting for control of a new unknown world. Humans are very advanced now and already captured different planets in the galaxy. In the homeworld, a lot of different factions or organizations form a huge Gov. to put everything in order. But 2 powerful factions are fighting each other for resources and control over 1 distant planet. Mostly game involved with exploration os this planet which is never done before, fighting with different enemy units for control. Players can experience huge battles all over the map between units of different types like soldiers, tanks, and more.

30- Road Rash

Road Rash is a very cool but simple motorcycle game. We may add it on top of our lists but you must know that we include it here on number 30 because of the lack of many important options. Game is fun and very best for those who love racing games. You get some basic motorcycles at the start of the game, which you can upgrade soon later. Only a few tracks are available which player can easily complete but difficulty levels are also important factors in this game. Sometimes a player needs to drive through the city & hitting other motorcycles to display their victory is also added.

Top Post of Past Games

Visit the Wikipedia link which can give you access to unlimited games ever created between 1991-2000. This link will take you to 1996 video games released for all types. On top of this page, you can see other pages to visit by year. But there are all games added from low quality to end on this page.


Above is a list of 3rd level games for “Old Pc Games Ranked 21-30” added for Old Pc Gaming. Every game listed in the top 50 for best games is considered as a top game. But we choose them on the base of how much people love these games, rating level for them, but sometimes we have more games with the same level. On our 1st page, the top 10 games added are very close or almost similar level, 2nd level games are also on the same rule. Read all 5 articles if you really want to know about the best 50 games, or visit other articles about the top 10 old games.

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