Old Pc Games Ranked 31-40 – Best 50 Games Released between 1991-2000

Old Pc Games Ranked 31-40 – 4th Level games which are less better than previous games connected to it. Read all 5 articles if you love old games and looking for the best out of too many games to play.


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Rank 31-40 Games

31- Postal

Postal is the story of a mad man who thinks the Air Force in the USA poising the whole town by releasing some kind of gas in the air. All people are infected now but he is only one survival from it. All game is full of violence & killing when that man fights his way through the streets, different places, reaching to air force base to destroy it. After he is successfully able to destroy whole base, now he fell down to the ground and wakeup in a metal hospital. In simple words, no one knows what actually happened to him and his weird behavior kills too many innocent people.

32- Delta Force

Delta Force is basically about shooting, command0s & completion of various missions in enemy territory. 1st game in the series which we add here in our list is different from later released games. It’s a very simple but complete game with almost all different options available for you. Huge places in enemy territory to explore, killing & finishing some important tasks are part of the game. This game is 2nd in our Old Pc Games Ranked 31-40 list & there are some reasons why we are not able to add their perfect FPS game in the above lists. You can find better games above in previous high-level lists, 1st game in the Delta Force series is very popular but missing some best features of FPS games we can see these days.

33- Army Men

A very funny game and the whole series of games were released in the last 20 years. You need to fight a lot of plastic units in every place of home and some open locations too. More famous game in the series is Army Men RTS. 1st game in the series which we add here is pretty simple compare to the RTS game which released in 2002. It was possible to add the Army Men RTS game as 1st in this list of Old Pc Gaming if it was released before 2000. But still, this game is better than most games in our list, which you can find below.

34- Nancy Drew – Message in a Haunted Mansion

All players who love detective type games know about the Nancy Drew game series. Too many different games are created in this series, you can find a full list of games and some alternative games on our site if you read Top 8 Games Like Nancy Drew – Award-Winning Adventure Game Series. You can also read too many details about these games on the same page.

35- Bio Menace

The very old game released in 1993 and number 35 in our list of Best 50 Old Pc Games of Past Times. Cool side scroll & platform game which is similar to the current Super Mario games. You have a gun to kill a different kind of monsters in-game, go from one location to another by jumping & also entering is too many places. Remember, if you fell down, you will die & lose some progress in-game. If you are familiar with this type of game, you must know that jumping from one [place to another is very difficult sometimes. But unlike other games, you may not lose too much progress because you will just respawn a few steps back only.

36- The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain

Dr. Brain is an educational game and a series of different games where the main purpose is to solve puzzles to progress further. The game is fun and really cool for kids to play if you don’t think too much about its name which makes this game too much dangerous for players. Too many different types of puzzles are added in this game which you must solve to complete the game, understanding these puzzles will make this game very easy and complete in seconds.

37- Amazon Trail 3rd Edition

The game released in 1998 commonly known as Rainforest Adventures. Its the best game in this series where you will see perfect graphics quality. You will explore this adventure game, driving a boat, meeting new people & getting important information to reach your destinations. This game is known as the best educational game that provide the most important information about Amazon. The rating for this game is very high and we added this game in our 4th level list.

38- Lode Runner – The Legend Returns

Classic platform type game where you try to reach another end of every level, but you must collect all gold in-game. Some dangerous types of elements are also part of this game which you must avoid. Some weapons are available for you to use against them, but they affect temporarily. The best option for players is to avoid them in-game, you will really love this limited screen game. You can consider it an older version of Super Mario but it’s way different from it. Some players may think it as a very easy game but you must know it gets hard with every level completion.

39- Wacky Wheels

It’s not possible to compete with games like NFS for most other series of racing games. But some cool games with the different concepts are also released in past gaming time from 1991-2000. As you can understand from the above video, there are different tracks created for this game. There is no limit, from roads to water areas & you may need to drive on any place in the world. Some powers like boosting & others are also added in this game which you can use throughout the game.

40- Earthsiege 2

Vehicle simulation game where you control different types of vehicles to fight various species of aliens. The survival of the human race depends on your level of skills & how to can defeat these species who are trying to wipe out humans. The player is sent to different locations against many types of aliens to defeat in battle. You control a vehicle with options to attack aliens, its very simple to target them but saving your vehicle from their attack is not easy. As you can see we consider this game good enough to add in our list of 50 best games which means if you are planning to try old games, try this game too.

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