Old Pc Games Ranked 41-50 – Best 50 Games Released between 1991-2000

Old Pc Games Ranked 41-50 – 5th Level games which are less better than previous games connected to it. Read all 5 articles if you love old games and looking for the best out of too many games to play.


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Rank 41-50 Games

41- Star Wars – X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter

Everyone knows about Star Wars movies & games these days. But the game which we add here is all about fighting in space using different planes. You can easily understand from the name of this game, its a war between different factions. This game is multiplayer where 8 players can fight with each other. The main target is always to destroy all other enemy planes in-game. The expansion pack is also released with 15 different missions including co-operative for this game. Its 1st game we include in our 5th level list of Best Past Games.

42- Marble Drop

Marble Drop was released in 1997 and its best puzzle game. Players get a set of 6 different color marbles, they can also purchase more if needed. A huge complex system is created which you can see in the above video, traps, rails & different elements are added. The main purpose of this game is to make sure every marble reaches its color bin. It’s not easy to process, players must try their best to solve this puzzle. The game becomes very difficult with time because more complex designs are coming later. If you talk about Puzzle games, this is the best game that is better then many other puzzles games released after 2000.

43- Freddy Pharkas – Frontier Pharmacist

Frontier Pharmacist is an old western-style adventure game on our list. A lot of graphics points to click options are available in this game. Players take the role of the main character who is a pharmacist in town. Someone is trying to purchase everything from shops, businesses to houses, and more. Now its the player’s responsibility to find out who is behind all of this and why? Different kinds of tasks are involved in game-like creating medicine for people who ask for it, some other activities are connected with looking for answers.

44- The Ultimate Haunted House

In The Ultimate Haunted House, there are a lot of different puzzles, characters, and point to click activities. The player can exchange different types of items with different artificial characters in this game. You may think the game is very simple but it can take time for you to understand it. Exploring the house is the main objective of this game, interacting with everything from one part of the house to another is very important. Each character who appears on a random occasion is completely different from others with their own special abilities.

45- Zork – Grand Inquisitor

Zork – Grand Inquisitor is a graphic adventure game released in 1997. Many puzzles are involved in this game, but mostly its exploration game. Unlike other games in our list of Old Pc Games Ranked 41-50, you can explore every location with details. This option is not included in any other type of games which we added here in our list of Best old pc gaming. Click & Zoom allow players to see every single detail of the objects & also examine collected items. But rating for this game is not much high, that’s why it’s number 45 in our list of best games, still better then too many games fail to become part of our list.

46- Demolition Racer

It’s a simple racing game released in 1999 for Pc. The main purpose is to beat all other vehicles by hitting them and reach to destination 1st. Players get points when hit other vehicles. There is no comparison of this game with popular series like Asphalt or NFS series, but still, it’s one of the best Car Racing games released in past times. Some tracks choices are added for players, simple settings like game speed & more are also available at the start of the game. Hitting other vehicles can decrease their speed & more chances for you to win.

47- Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

The fate of Atlantis is a huge adventure game where the player needs to explore too many different locations and meet with people of all kinds. Its basically point and click game, the player is limited to single screen mode all the time. A lot of time is spent on looking for information by talking to different people find on way. Finding a statue in-game is the main target but some other side stories are also involved. There are already a lot of movies on Indiana Jones and also some games too. Indiana Jones becomes a completely different type of fictional world mostly focus on the exploration and adventure of the main character Indiana Jones.

48- SimFarm

SimFarm was released in 1993 and you may already understand a lot by just reading the name of this game. It’s one of the cool perfectly created construction & management type games for old gaming. They build a complete guide that helps new players to understand the basics of games and also helps throughout playing this game. Many features of this game make it a game like the Harvest Moon Games series, or you can early version of the series. As a player, you can expand your location and town if earn enough money in the previous year. Most of the activities are involved with crops, farming & livestock.

49- Full Tilt! Pinball

Pinball is a game where fix screen system is created for players, some weird kind of structure is added which you can see above. The main purpose is to hit balls by using wings that are placed under the whole structure. When you hit these balls, they must reach some levels in every round. Three different modes are created for this game which you read with full details on Wikipedia. Full Tilt is also a series of different games with improving features compare to every previous game.

50- SimTower

Amazing construction, management, and simulation game which is last in our list of 50 best games & also number 10 in level 5 list for Old Pc Games Ranked 41-50. The main plan is to build everything from restaurants to offices & a lot of other buildings which cab include parking lot or medical centers. But this all should be built inside the tower which means you cant expand anywhere other than up. The game becomes very complicated, creating a fast operation become hard when progress. Players can zoom in to see more details situation of different sections of the Tower.

Top Post of Past Games

Unlike other posts which we added in our list of best articles written on the same topic by other sites, this time we provide you with the top 10 games only. The article written on The Gamer is here for you to check because they review hundreds of games & provide you with the 10 best games. You can also compare it with our 1st level 10 games list connected with this article. Something which you will notice is almost all games are also part of our 50 games list.


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