Oppo Reno Ace USA Review

Oppo is ready to get down to business. The Oppo Reno Ace USA doesn’t have all of the frills that other gaming phones have, such as attachable fans and gaming grips, but it does have the internals to keep the action going.

This year’s competition in the gaming phone market is extremely fierce. With maxed-out specifications and specialized gaming features, phones like the Asus ROG Phone 2, Black Shark 2, and Red Magic 3S deliver a punch. After several of its rivals have debuted second-generation hardware, the Oppo Reno Ace joins the battle. Oppo’s ace in its sleeve is an unexpectedly low price point. Let’s see how good this phone is and whether it can strike a fatal hit.


I realize this may come as a shock to you, but there’s no way around it: Metal and glass make up the Oppo Reno Ace USA. Yep. It’s made of metal and has two beautiful glass panels on the front and rear which looks very pretty. Oppo did not mention the sort of glass used, but it is certainly attractive and it is also powerful.

The Starry Blue hue, which has a delicate blue/aqua/green gradient, was supplied to us by the firm. In my perspective, the Psychedelic Purple (yep, that’s the true name) colorway looks better. Both colors are lush and shiny, and they stand out in a big manner. Also, there is a bonus point for you, if you want to buy bitcoin then I suggest you to visit How to Buy Bitcoin in Pakistan.


Phone manufacturers are unable to join the gaming market without a 90Hz panel. As a result, the Oppo Reno Ace has a screen that refreshes at a rate of 90 times per second, making it look smoother than a 60Hz screen.

When scrolling up and down or panning back and forth, the increased refresh rate is most noticeable, as pictures, icons, text, and graphics stay clear and stutter-free as they glide across the screen. And don’t forget to visit How to Buy Bitcoin in Pakistan.


One feature that sets Oppo Reno Ace USA apart from the competitors is its battery life. First and foremost, the enormous power cell keeps the phone running from daylight tonight. The Ace aced my daily routine of social networking, email, Slack, music, video, and surfing, even with the power-hungry display and also gaming on it is very impressive.

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