Packing to Move: 10 Top Tips

How many times in your life have you moved? How many more moves do you expect to undergo? For most of us, another move is inevitable; you might relocate for a job or just move into a bigger, better space. Read below Packing to Move guide in detail.

Packing to move is one of the most difficult, frustrating parts of the moving process: it takes forever, it’s hard work, and you’re just going to have to undo it once the move is over.

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to streamline the process and move into your new home without all the usual stress of packing.

Keep reading for ten strategies on how to pack to move.

1. Pack Early, Pack Often

One of the best things you can do to start a move off right is to begin packing far in advance; packing is a long process so don’t leave until the week before a move.

Begin your packing process as early as you can, and set goals for yourself; a good strategy is to set aside an hour a day to focus on packing.

That way, you’re making consistent progress–an hour a day is enough to make progress, but not so much work that you’ll get burned out.

2. Cut Down On Stuff

We all accumulate things we don’t need: clothes that don’t fit anymore, gifts we didn’t really want, or purchases we regret. Moving is the perfect time to get rid of some of this clutter.

As you’re packing, look over each item and as yourself: do you really want this? Is it worth finding a place for this item in your new space?

If the answer is yes, great, pack it up, but if the answer is no, consider donating it instead of hauling it all the way to your new home.

3. Make an Inventory

On the topic of examining all your items, it helps to write up a detailed inventory of what you’re packing; that way, when you’re finished with the move, you can check that all of your stuff arrived safe and sound.

This is an especially good idea for collections, like rare books or sports memorabilia. The last thing you want is for a treasured item to get left in the removals van by accident.

4. Go Room by Room

Try to pack a room at a time, starting with rooms you don’t use very much: for instance, you might start with a guest room or an office that you can go without for a little while.

Packing a room at a time helps you stick to goals; “I want to finish packing the bedroom” is a more concrete goal than “I want to pack a few more boxes.”

It also helps keep you organized.

5. Label and Organize Boxes

Organization is key to a successful move; by labeling and organizing your boxes at packing time, you’re going to save yourself a lot of hassle later on when you’re unpacking.

Writing the contents on the outside of the box is one simple way of labeling, but you can also type up and print out an inventory list to tape onto the box if you want to be more precise.

Color-coding boxes is another effective way of keeping organized. Red boxes are from the kitchen, blue ones are from the bedroom, and so on.

6. Book Movers in Advance

The single most helpful thing you can do in any move is to hire movers; a removals company will help you move your items from one place to another much faster–and with less effort–than you could do it yourself.

That said, these services are popular, and that means they have limited availability. Book a moving company as quickly as you can so that you know you’ll have one on moving day.

7. The Right Container for Everything

When people think about packing, they think of boxes. This very article has focused on boxes as the quintessential moving tool–but you need to be certain you’re using them properly.

Pack heavier items in smaller boxes, filling larger boxes with lighter fare. That way, no one box will get too heavy. Use toilet paper tubes to store wires without tangling them up, and plastic bags to prevent spillage from liquids.

Utilize your own luggage, hampers, and storage bins as moving boxes. Even cooking pots can store small items during the move.

8. Save Essentials for Last

While it’s important to start packing early, you don’t want to pack everything up immediately–there are some items you’re going to need all the way up until moving day.

There are some obvious necessities, like toiletries (the bathroom should be one of the last rooms you pack). Then there are things like chargers for your phone and dishes for your last few meals in your current place.

These things and more should all go into an essentials bag when moving day rolls around so that you can have them at your new place without needing to unpack several boxes.

9. Don’t Overpack

Packing is a delicate balancing act. On the one hand, you don’t want any empty space in a box if you can help it; on the other, you need to avoid overstuffing a box.

Moving boxes can generally hold about thirty pounds. Don’t try to put more than that in the box–if you do, you run the risk of the box tearing.

You should also be careful about height; you want to make sure the top of the box is flat for ease of stacking.

10. Save Space on Clothing

Clothes take up a lot of room, but there are a few ways to make moving them easier. The first is to roll your clothes up tight, making them more compact and easier to pack.

If you have clothes on hangers, cut a hole in the bottom of a garbage bag. Then, pull the bag down over the clothes so that the hanger hook is sticking up out of the hole you made. It’s a DIY clothing bag!

Alternatively, you can remove your dresser drawers and cover them in plastic wrap, using the drawers themselves as boxes. This saves you time when packing your clothing.

Save Time When You’re Packing to Move

Packing to move is never pleasant, but with the tips you’ve just learned, you can make it much more manageable. You’ll be able to pack up on time and without stress, letting you focus on the rest of the move.

The question is: what comes after the move? Maybe you’d like to spruce up your new home a bit. Check out our home improvement blog for some great ideas.

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