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Weddings are happening literally every day which makes us realize that people will always buy wedding dresses even if there is recession or inflation. People are able to spend extra thousands on wedding outfits all the time. You definitely need a wedding dress whenever there is a wedding. You could be a bride looking for a wedding dress or a guest at the wedding looking for something luxurious or formals that will make you stand out from the crowd with your unique choice of outfits and colors – wedding dresses are always a must purchase.

Wedding dresses are not only about the bride and groom, it includes the luxury and formal wear in it as well which is more in range than bride and groom dress. Starting from luxury pret which is for smaller events like engagement parties, dholkis, mayun and dua-e-khair. These are the events when you look for budgeted dresses that are luxury and will look perfect on the events when you want to enjoy the day but also wear outfits that are suitable for these occasions and are the perfect example of intricate designs and embellishments on each outfit. Nikkah outfits are always as elegant as the event is. The designers create Nikkah pieces with hand worked techniques and embellishments with the traditional and cultural fusion in them that makes the outfit so beautiful and impeccable. LAAM is an online platform that has these two events categorized and under your desired budget from which it is easier for you to choose without the hassle of moving into markets and searching for outfits. If you are looking for your perfect engagement and nikah look under your budget and from famous designers then LAAM is the place for you.

Mehndi, Barat and Walima outfits are all about playing with colours, designs and styles of outfits. Brides now are moving out of the typical lehenga and choli and are moving towards different peshwas and sharara and gharara styles including peplums and lehengas. Brands like Zara Shajahan, Zaha, Mohsin Naveed Ranjha, Hussain Rehar, Ali Xeeshan, Tena Durrani, Faiza Saqlain and Saira Shakira are all creating wedding dresses that are of impeccable designs and high quality fabric. Each outfit is made of intricate designs and unique color contrasts and combinations that has made the wedding dresses a dream of every bride. The look you have in your mind is created into reality by the designers for each event of your wedding.

From mehndi’s colors and styles of mehndi dresses, the collection at LAAM lets you decide from a range of outfits and styles. Lehenga choli with the perfect yellow and green color for mehndi by all the famous designers are available at LAAM. Barat is the day when you can never go wrong with your wedding dress. Barat bridal dresses are always a little more expensive than other events because the color and work technique is a vision to behold. Walima and reception outfits are all about the pastels and neutral color outfits. LAAM’s collection is defined by the budget and designers that make the best walima outfits.

The work techniques of outfits and the story behind each outfit and designer’s collection of wedding dresses has to be the eye catching details that we admire.

You can get all the wedding dresses with different colors and budget along with styles at LAAM. The fashion consultants are always available for your fashion needs and knows all the brands and styles that are in fashion and that will look perfect on you on your wedding day. Visit the website and shop from the biggest range of couture collection available.

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