Peer Learning

Peer learning is a two-way process where students learn by discussing the topics among themselves. It is mutually beneficial. In simple language we can say that in peer learning students learn from each other. This can be done by the students via several ways such as workshops led by them, study groups and peer-to-peer learning partnerships. This kind of learning benefits the students a lot by building self-confidence in them, development of skills to mingle with people and communication skills because addressing more than one person and making them concentrate & believe in what you are saying is not an easy task. Students become more responsible and mature when they take responsibility for their own study in their hands. Students feel more confident and comfortable when they study and learn among their friends and peers because this goes through fun and joy also and students enjoy learning more among their peers. Each learner is a donor and recipient both. Through peer learning students learn by a very independent method where nothing goes single way instead it is a mutual way process where both donor and recipient exchange their roles mutually in vice versa manner. The most important aspect of peer learning is that it focuses on understanding rather than solving and mugging up the lessons blindly. This type of learning creates a bond of collaboration and cooperation between both the tutor and learner makes the learning process easy and effective. 

Students can study in online teaching also and in classroom culture the study work goes one way where students have to listen to the lecturer or to the tutor and have to make notes only. In such a crowded class most of the students don’t get answers to their queries and many don’t even get the chance to ask queries. Whereas in peer learning the students are independent they can ask anything to their peers, even if they are not listening somehow then they can make them listen but they can’t force a tutor to do so. Though there are several more methods to learn today like online learning or learning through and education app like a classroom app. A classroom app helps a lot to the students but when it comes to classroom study the learning process becomes less interactive between tutor and learner. Most of the time we see that when students study in a traditional method there the learning goes through a strict disciplined environment where content can be quite inflexible. Students are taught in traditional one-way old-fashioned methods which create boredom in class. On the other hand, in peer learning when peers share their knowledge and information then it creates a feeling of gratitude towards each other, this way their friendship becomes stronger and their knowledge gets new enhancement of information. When students study in the classroom they follow and understand only that much which the tutor teaches them whereas in peer learning students never limit themselves on single perception on any topic, they are free to do their own research work. This enhances their knowledge level and also ability to solve the problems by finding the solutions with patience

There are several other benefits of peer learning. It is a process which brings self confidence in the learner because when a person is so confident that he can give and take knowledge easily without any hesitation, he/she can adapt to any kind of situation very easily with confidence. Apart from this feedback from a tutor can be harsh and strict but feedback from peers is personalized and tailored perfectly to learn from. In peer learning students are able to ask and tell weakness and methods to work on it with each other without being scared of getting ashamed of their academic weaknesses. Peer learning is an example of mutual cooperation which demonstrates the effective teamwork and cooperation among people who share hard work with others in order to grow mutually with collaboration. Peer learning is a world-famous strategy of learning and preparing topics of several subjects. Students get one more benefit that as in this process communication improves, students start to express themselves very well because it takes hard work to make others understand your point of view and make them satisfied with it. 

In conclusion, peer learning is really a very joyful and innovative way of learning which should be officially permitted for the schools and colleges for the benefit of students.

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