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How to Fix your Exercise Slump with Personal Trainer Meal Plan?

We all have faced that situation where we find ourselves in the exercise slump. Read Personal Trainer Meal Plan that can actually help you.


So you stopped eating junk food and bringing chocolate cake to your house, and the weight started to shed off. This enhances your confidence, and you joined the gym to burn some extra calories. All of your efforts paid off, and you lost weight. Perhaps even a lot of weight, well, for a while. But now you feel stuck. You feel as if you have reached an exercise slump. You can always use app to find personal trainer in short time in your area.

Maybe you are at a healthy weight, even though above your dream weight. But those annoying 5-10 pounds are still lagging. Why? Are your goals are too high? Or are you dreaming too big and searching for something impossible to get?


If you’re healthy, this might be because the body wants to sustain a stable weight. It is also known as set-point weight. While you can improve your body’s set point, it can take some time to get there.

We all have faced that situation where we find ourselves in the exercise slump. You have a strong intention to workout, but then it is all gone. It can be tempting to shed calories too low in the weight loss process and peel off pounds too faster. The downside to this technique is your muscle can be employed as energy.

This gradually slows your metabolism to save energy. No matter if you spot yourself above your body’s natural set-point weight or if you are hard-pressed to lose those compact pounds, here are ways to defeat a fitness slump with a personal trainers meal plan.

Adjust your Calorie Consumption:-

In the weight loss process, your metabolism can drop. This is because your body requires fewer calories and energy to fuel you smaller you. The calorie consumption that you originally had when you started your weight-loss journey will require to be modified. It should match your body’s current needs for weight loss. Make sure that you revise your calorie goals. 

Focus on Quality:-

Breaking through a fitness slump is more than calories in and calories out. Processed food won’t cut it anymore. Thus quality whole foods like vegetables, beans, high-fiber fruits, and lean proteins are required for your engine to burn body fat. 

Alter your Routine:-

Thumping away on the treadmill for the past three months? It’s time to alter your same-old workout routine. The muscles become usual with the same old workout. It results in making your routine less useful. You have to get outside of your fitness comfort zone to observe the change in your body. High-Intensity Interval Training has been bestowed to burn body fat in the right way. You can try doing speed work at the track.

You can even try a boot camp class at the gym or other walking and running intervals. Just proceed slowly and carefully when indulging in a high-intensity exercise routine. Doing too much too fast can leave you too painful, tired, or even injured.

Keep an Eye on your Numbers:-

If you have been eating healthy nutritious food and exercising regularly, and your weight is not budging, then consult with a registered dietician to rule out any underlying medical condition that could make it difficult for you to lose weight. Therefore, keeping in touch with your trainer or dietician is essential in your fitness journey. 


Get Quality Sleep:-

A full night sound sleep plays an important role in your weight loss journey. Sound sleep helps to reset your hormones. Because a little sleep deprivation can trigger increased cortisol, a stress hormone increased cortisol levels can lead to body fat accumulation, especially around your belly section. 

Keep an Eye on your Calorie Needs:-

According to studies, people always overestimate how many calories they shed during exercise. Besides, they miscalculate how many calories they eat. To better approximate your calories, you can take assistance from your personal trainer.

They often provide their clients with tools to enhance their knowledge of fitness. In this way, you can calculate your calories required and burned during an activity accurately. 

Increase Consumption of Fluids:-

During your weight loss journey, it is essential to keep your hydration level checked. Since the body will frequently crave food when you are even gently dehydrated. Signs of dehydration are similar to symptoms of hunger. So it is easy to get distracted between the two.

Try to consume at least two liters of water in a day. Moreover, additional fluids are lost during activity. It will expedite the speed to achieve your fitness goal. 

Divide your Training into Chunks:-

Decide to aim for twenty or thirty minutes of exercise a day when you first begin and work out at a comfortable intensity. As you improve, either raise your intensity or add ten more minutes each day. It is the most-effective technique to get rid of that fitness slump.

Enhance Muscle Mass:-

If you want to burn more calories at rest, lift heavier weight, and follow a strength-training program to build muscle. If you have larger muscle, then more calories you will burn. In this way, the more body fat you will peel-off. 

Increase your Protein Consumption:-

Protein is the building block of your muscle. It has the greatest thermic impact on food. It implies that eating more protein will burn more calories during the digestion process. Protein contains an amino acid called leucine. And according to studies, it acts as a potent catalyst for burning body fat. 


If you feel like you have slipped off the exercise track, then there is no time like the present to bounce back on. But always keep in mind to go at your body’s own movement. It will help avert injury, and it will stop you from accidentally teaching your body to unite exercise with pain.

We hear all the time from people who go from no exercise to a few days of intense exercise, only to slump back to no exercise immediately. Because they didn’t like the soring muscles, therefore, it is advisable don’t let yourself fall into this classification of over-enthusiastic exerciser. Hope you love reading “Personal Trainer Meal Plan”

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