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Physical Therapy Services In Lambertville After an Injury

If you have suffered an injury that is causing you back pain, it’s time to get treatment that can help you heal. Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we work hard to find the underlying cause of your pain in order to provide you with treatment that works. Read about Physical Therapy Services below in detail.

By assessing your injuries and developing a treatment plan, we can give you the support you need to heal after an injury. With strengthening exercises, ultrasound, massage and more, we help your body heal naturally without the use of prescription medication.

Your Exercises in Physical Therapy

Physical therapy exercises are designed to help you build up strength slowly, over a period of weeks and months. Exercises should not hurt, as this is not the same as trying to build muscle mass in a short period of time. Your exercise plan is developed by your physical therapist at PT Link Physical Therapy to help you strengthen the muscles that are causing you pain. If you have pain while doing your physical therapy exercises, don’t push yourself. You can cause further injury if you are trying too hard at your exercises.

Physical Therapy for Back Pain

If you suffer an injury that pulls your muscles in your back, physical therapy might begin with ultrasound or hot and cold therapy. This will help improve blood flow to the area, giving your muscles a chance to heal. Light stretching can ease the pain, and help increase blood flow. Your soft tissue and muscles will heal more readily when there is enough blood flowing to the area.

Physical Therapy Benefits Over Time

Physical therapy sessions build upon one another. It is important to stay consistent in treatment so that you don’t lose any progress you have made. As you get stronger, your mobility will increase and your pain should decrease. If you notice any new problems arise during physical therapy, be sure to talk to your physical therapist about what is going on. Changes can be made to your home exercise plan to address any new issues that come up.

Physical Therapy for Injuries

After a serious injury, physical therapy will help you begin the healing process. You might not be able to do much in the beginning, but you can get treatment that helps to improve blood flow to the area. As your injuries heal, you will be taught exercises to gain back function of the area. You can heal easier with the help of a consistent physical therapy program to address your needs.

Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we understand the importance of good core strength, mobility, and healthy living. We work with each client to address the causes of pain and to improve your health. Talk with one of our physical therapists to learn what your treatment options are. Physical therapy is different for everyone, and your plan is tailored to give you the best chance at healing possible. Get the help you deserve from a physical therapist in Bowling Green when you have suffered an injury.

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