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6 Places to Visit in Mussoorie – Special Tavel Guide You Must Read

Read about Places to Visit in Mussoorie. There are several splendid destinations in Mussoorie that are visual treats for nature lovers.


Mussoorie has retained its place as one of the most exotic tourist spots in India over a long time. The destination has a lot to offer to tourists and visitors. Be it the mountain terrains in Mussoorie or the excellent forests and valleys, everything in the region has an authentic tinge that you won’t see in another tourist spot in India. Going on a Mussoorie trip during your holiday can help you refresh your soul and mind completely. There are several splendid destinations in Mussoorie that are visual treats for nature lovers and travel enthusiasts. So, let’s find out which locations you should add to your wish list when you are planning to visit Mussoorie.

Gun Hills 

What can be more delightful than having a ropeway ride to the Gun Hills, one of the most exotic destinations in Mussoorie? Gun Hills comprises all forms of natural beauty, including greenery and mountain terrain. While standing on a high rock of the Gun Hills, you get a clear and amazing view of the entire Mussoorie city, and that is bound to seem heavenly. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy the thrilling experience of ropeway riding for the first time in your life. So, don’t forget to add this destination to your Mussoorie trip anyway.

Lake Mist 

The gorgeous Lake Mist is an excellent option to visit in Mussoorie. The lake can offer some startling views to mesmerize your mind. You can have a peaceful boating session in the lake to enjoy the overall ambiance of the lake closely. You can spend hours while staring at the foggy lake and the greenery surrounding it. No need to specify that this is one of the most beautiful lakes in India. Being posited in a high-altitude region, the lake is surrounded by diverse plants that increase the beauty of the lake up to some extent. So, Lake Mist should be a definite choice when you’re planning for a Mussoorie trip.

The Happy Valley 

Nothing can be more elegant than witnessing the fascinating beauty of a mountain valley. The same applies to the incredible, breathtaking Happy Valley. You will remain spellbound to observe the unexplainable beauty of the Happy Valley. The Tibetan temples around the Happy Valley will get you a completely different flavor. You will feel a spiritual vibe when you visit the extraordinary valley. Roaming across the beautiful valley as you wish can make your mind feel free from the business of regular life.

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary 

If you take an interest in exploring wildlife, the Benog Wildlife Sanctuary is the best place for you. Here you can explore a wide variety of birds and leopards, bears, and deer. This place is highly recommendable for ornithologists as birds of various species are available in the region. Alongside, the natural beauty of the sanctuary is another reason behind its popularity and fame as a tourist spot.

Mossy Falls 

Mountain waterfalls are always enchanting, and there is no exception in the case of Mossy Falls. As you visit the amazing falls, you will feel overwhelmed from the inside. Being surrounded by sky-touching mountain ranges and elegant forests, the fall is a complete package to amaze any tourist. Moreover, the calm, quiet environment of the fall is another reason why most tourists love visiting this fall while visiting Mussoorie. So, you should give additional priority to the exclusive fall also when you visit the amazing hill town located in the lap of the Shivalik Himalayas.

Bhatta Falls 

This is one of the most popular picnic spots in Mussoorie, with an outstanding ambiance. Most tourist groups stay in tents by the falls and have fun-filled picnics. The wonderful fall never fails to amaze visitors with its amazing atmosphere. The locations near the falls are equally beautiful, and those can amaze visitors in terms of visual appeal too. So, this place can’t be excluded from your trip plan when you have a visit to Mussoorie.

These are the best places that you can’t miss visiting as you’re traveling to Mussoorie. No matter whether you’re visiting alone or with your family, don’t forget to add these places to your trip plan to make your trip more engaging. Hope you love reading about “Places to Visit in Mussoorie”

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