Playing the game of carom and ludo online

Today, many people prefer to play online games. Due to pandemic situation, they cannot go to clubs, playgrounds or stadium to play matches. So, they prefer to enjoy playing games online. Although, they cannot use their skills to play and win the game, they can learn new ways of winning the game. People are playing many games online such as cricket, football, kabaddi, carom, etc. You enjoy playing carom using a large board in your homes, schools or clubs. To play carom, you push the coins into the slots. When you are playing online, you play the game in a different way, but yet you enjoy playing. You can play carrom online and win attractive cash prizes.

Playing the carom game offline and online

When you are playing the game offline, you assemble coins on the carom board. The game also consists of a pink-colored coin known as the queen. It consists of two types of coins namely black and white coins. The players can decide the type of coin and the game consists of two teams. The players should use their middle finger and thumb to push the coins into the slot. They should use a white-colored disc to strike the coins in such a way that they enter into the slot. The team that successfully pushes all the coins into the slot wins the game. The team that pushes the queen coin into the slot scores higher points. If the dice or the white colored disc falls into the slot, then the team should place a coin into the carom board.

What are the rules of the game?

When the player is playing for the first time, then he is allowed to play thrice to cast away the coins that are assembled.

If the person strikes coins or queen coins in the play, then they can take one more chance.

If the player pushes the queen into the slot, then he should play again. If he is able to strike a coin, then he wins the queen coin and the other coin. If the player is not able to push the coin into the slot again, then he should return the coin. The queen should be placed in the center of the carom board.

The different types of carom played online are professional carom, family point carom and point carom.

The different types of carom played online are due, foul, covering, break, push etc. If the player strikes in a wrong way, then it is known as foul. If the coin is stroke in the wrong way, then it should be returned and placed on the carom board. It is known as due.

You can enjoy playing carrom online too as you should just play using keyboard. When, you are playing online, you should push the coins into the slot using click and drag options. So, to play the game online, you should use a mouse.  You can win attractive cash prizes if you win the game.

Playing the Ludo game

The ludo game is usually played by two to four players.  It consists of a large board and each player is provided with 4 houses or tokens that should be moved at various levels until they reach their home. The player who first places all the four tokens into the home wins the game. It is purely a luck-based game which can be played online too. You can play ludo online to win attractive prizes.  

It is a multiplayer board player that can be played by four players. The players should use a dice to move the tokens from start to finish. Every player is the game is allocated in a place. They are safely placed in their places. When the tokens are safely placed in the homes, nobody can attack them. When they are moving out of their positions, then the opponents may attack them reaching their position. They are provided with a dice and they should roll the dice to the ground. The number that appears on the top layer is the number of positions, the players should take. If they reach a position where a token of other home is placed, then they defeat the token.  The player that places all the four tokens into the home defeating the other opponents wins the game. If a player’s all tokens are defeated, then the player loses the game. The game is finished when the three players place the tokens into the homes.

It is purely a luck-based game and the player should move the token according to the number that appears on the dice. You also lose the game if the three pawns are killed in the game.

This game can be played online too. You should download the game to play ludo online and enter log in details. Then, you can become the member of the game and play regularly.  You should pay some nominal charges to play the game online. If you win the game, you can win attractive prizes. You should open the pawns if you win six points.

To download the game, you should download the apk and enter your mobile number. Then, you receive the link and after you open the link, you start installing the game. After you complete the process of downloading, then you should open the link.

The game online is played in a similar way as you play offline. You should use some keyboard options to move the pawns to various positions. It is purely a luck based game. You should use some options online to throw the dice.

Being wise before playing any game online

Before playing any online game, you should know the rules of the game or else you can carefully read the rules of the game before playing. You should wisely invest to play any online games. You do not choose to play many games at a time. Some games are based upon luck and some games are skill-based games. To play skill-based games, you should know the tactics to win the game.

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