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Best 20 Pocket Mortys Quests – Best RPG similar to Pokemon

Pocket Mortys Quests – Read about the Most important quests in this game. Travel to many parallel universes to fight and capture dangerous Mortys.


Introduction to Pocket Mortys
Details about Pocket Mortys Quests
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Introduction to Pocket Mortys

Pocket Mortys is based on multiple timeline concept. You must find, fight, and catch different kinds of Mortys. It could be alien, monster, and human, too many different ways to fight are possible in-game. Too many supporting characters are also part of this game which can help you catch these Mortys. Multiple timelines provide you with the chance to travel at different times and catch some dangerous things at that time which could be monsters, aliens or some kind, etc.

You can find too many different types of Mortys, some are very dangerous, they will reveal strongest at the end of the game. The player must use their character in-game to catch all of them, required completely different weapons or ways to fight for each Mortys. After the player discovers any Mortys or trainer, the screen becomes turn base style where your character can use some different types of weapons to defeat other Mortys.

When your Mortys in-game reach to 0 levels, it can no longer fight. But when it happens to enemy Mortys, you get good experience points which can help you become more powerful to fight more dangerous Mortys. Another important feature of this game is wild Mortys which players can catch and own them to use for different purposes.

The game receives too many awesome reviews and become very popular. Players really love its gameplay and catching different types of Mortys is the main important task in-game. But players can never feel boring, you must know too many different timelines, many kinds of Mortys are available in this game.

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Details about Pocket Mortys Quests

1- The Broken Rickmote

In this quest, jerry needs a battery for the Tv remote. Battery & Supercharged batteries are accepted items to complete this quest. In this quest, the rick will ask you to find a battery for him. You need some useful Recipes to make battery or supercharged battery and the reward for this quest is Attack Mega Seed.

2- Rickstoring the Balance

In this quest, Doofus Rick wants to restore his Morty’s AP. Plutonic Rock & Pure Plutonic Rock are acceptable items to complete it. Morty AP of Rick are finished and they won’t attack anymore. The healing center is not responding well to him. Now it’s his request to you to help him find something which can restore Morty AP.

3- Feeling Rickcharged

Robot Rick’s out of juice in this quest and its very important to find some items to restore his power. Microverse battery and Supercharged battery are acceptable items in this quest. As per Rick, he was updating something in the system and sudden power break or something blow up battery. But this new battery will help everything restore to balance.

4- New Chef in the Rickchen

Masy needs a Purified Fleebto to make some special brownies in this quest. The reward for this quest is Level 5 Egg Morty. Purified Fleeb is an only acceptable item for completion of this quest and you need to craft it using some items. Its an all-new cook idea and you must help to complete this item as soon as possible.

5- A Rick and His Morty

The Scientist Known as Rick wants a collar for his favorite Morty. As per Rick, there are too many Mortys, and it’s hard to recognize which one belongs to him. It’s his plan to use Dog Collar to easily find out which one is his favorite Mortys. Tin Can and cables are required to craft these items which are very easy to find everywhere.

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6- A Matter of Rick or Death

Four Eyes Rick wants to experiment with some Dark Energy. The dark energy ball is an acceptable item for this quest and you must know that Rick is planning to mix up dark energy with some other items to create new matter.

7- Rickbooting a New Life

Robot Rick’s AI is malfunctioning. The motherboard is an acceptable item to fix robot rick. Robot claim that the battery provided by Rick destroys its motherboard. Some objects are required to craft motherboard which you can find easily.

8- This Rick Must Fly

Dandy Rick needs fuel for his flying car and wants your help. Dark Matter Ball required to fuel his car which you must craft to help him. This quest is not easy to complete because items are rare which you need to complete. Good luck with your missions to find them in different timelines.

9- The Love Ricktor

Jerry wants to rekindle his love with Beth. This is a weird quest which you need to complete because you owe someone. Two different items are required to complete this quest because 2 different objects are very important to complete love potion.

10- Just in the Rick of Time

Flargo needs to manipulate time. Flargo clone himself and now this clone is chasing him to kill and replace him. Rick must help him by finding Time Crystal or craft is using objects. This clone is trying its best to follow him in every timeline. Now, this item is the only way to run away from it.

11- The Ricktatorship

Bluu wants a robot. Probably for world domination. An important quest where 3 different items are accepted. The robot, Butter Robot, and Gwendolyn Doll. Bluu wants a donation to its robot army and there are a lot of rewards after completion of this quest for Rick.

12- Ricktastrophe of the 4th Kind

Humox would like to blow up his home planet. Humox is a quest giver and required item to complete it is Neutrino Bomb. Humox wants to destroy its home planet because too much multiverse travel make their people slave for a generation. This bomb can help them get free from all pain by different species.

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13- Rick Around the Clock

Flargo wants to stabilize time. Time Stabilizing Collar is only accepting items to complete this quest. Stabilizing time is a very important quest in this game. Some very difficult items are required to craft it which you can also craft using some other objects. This quest can start a lot of object hunt everywhere.

14- Butter Me Up, Rick

Jerry is struggling to reach the butter for his toast. Butter Robot is the only acceptable item to complete this quest. Remember, you need to find it for Jerry who is unable to get butter for himself as to its on the back of the fridge.

15- Ricktelligence Quotient

Doofus Rick wants to improve his IQ to become better at Morty battling. Doofucs wants you to give him something which can help him make look better than others. IQ-Enhancing Helmet is only acceptable items for this quest. Some very important items required for completing this quest. They also needed to be a craft which means its one of the difficult quests for you.

16- The Cable Rick

Baloogie wants a new way to watch TV. Mellow wants to watch tv in another dimension because she already watches almost every episode here. The only acceptable item is Interdimensional Cable Box which can help her watch tv in some other dimension with new episodes.

17- Behind Every Lover, There is a Rick

Guard Rick wants a companion for the storage Mortys. There are too many Mortys which are dropped by different rick and never come back for them. Guard Rick wants something special for them and that is item required for this quest Gwendolyn Doll.

18- The Rick In Me is a Rick In You

Jerry is wondering what life would be like in a new dimension. Jerry wants to see himself in a different dimensional world. Item required to help him is Interdimensional Goggles. It’s easy to craft this item and you must find some simple items to do that.

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19- Dude, Where’s My Rick?

Dandy Rick’s car battery has died. Dandy, Mortys left battery of the car to open all night. Now he wants a battery which can help him start his car.
Microverse Battery can help him which you can craft easily with some easy items. Club Rick Credit is rewarded for the completion of this quest.

20- Virtual Rickality

Plush Suit Morty wants to give the other Mortys a distraction from their horrible lives. Roy VR Headset is the only item accepted for this quest. Mascot Morty is set free but he wants to create something for his fellow people who are still slaves of Rick in this world.

Top Posts On the Same Topic

The main purpose of this section is to provide people with the opportunity to compare our content with other sites. Another important purpose of the Top Posts section is sometimes we are unable to share too much information here, users can visit these links to access more info on the same topic.

We choose 2 best sites for you where you can read about these quests in detail. Games Kinny is a very popular site about games, they write about almost every quest with some details. This article is really helpful for users to read in detail. Another article is written on-site which is specially created for this game. It’s Pocket Mortys Recipes, Information provide on this site is limited but you must know that it’s a good summary for most people.

Bonus Information about Game

What are Pocket Mortys Recipes? Pocket Morty Recipes

These recipes are a very important part of this game. Players can use different types of items to craft something which can help them. For example, some of these items can help increase your health. Few can catch different Morty. We suggest you read an article on Android Authority which can help you to know about every single Recipe available with their benefits in this game.

What is Pocket Mortys Crafting? Pocket Morty Crafting

There are many objects everything in this game. Your Mortys can collect theme when traveling different dimensions. It’s very important to look for items in every single place you visit. The player can use these objects to craft some items which can help them a lot. You must visit the above article to understand what is actually benefit these items.

Some of the popular Pocket Mortys Crafting Recipes & Rick and Morty Recipes – Rick and Morty Game Recipes

You must know it’s not possible for us to explain almost every recipe here because this article focuses only on quests. But read below about 10 Popular Recipes which you must know.

  1. Morty Manipulator Chip – Most important Recipe which allows you to catch wild Mortys. These can be used for different purposes.
  2. Sensational Serum – To increase your HP to 200. When you fight with different kinds of Mortys, losing health is a major issue. This recipe can help you a lot.
  3. Pure Serum – Hard to make because objects required for these items are not easy to find. But it can heal all your HP and make your feel amazing with full strength.
  4. Plutonic Rock – Best for attacking as it increases 50% AP to all attacks. These type of items are always useful because Mortys always become stronger with time in different dimensions you need more power in attacking system.
  5. Level Up Mega Seed – Increase Morty’s level up to 1. More level means more powerful Mortys to catch strong Mortys which you can face on your journey.
  6. Supercharged Battery – Very powerful item, better than normal battery. It’s required to craft many important items in-game. You may need it too much and the best practices are to make it full to the highest level.
  7. Courier Flap – It can take you back to Citadel. Very cool way to travel from long distance to back.
  8. Robot – Part of the campaign which you can program for good or evil. There are many benefits and bad aspects of this item.
  9. Time Crystal – Split time to many zones. Very helpful for traveling in different dimensions also use in Campaign mode.
  10. Neutrino Bomb – Dangerous weapons which can kill all living being. Always stay back when using it or it can harm you very badly.

How to Catch Mortys?

Very simple process to catch any Mortys which is to find them and fight them. If you can defeat any Mortys, that means you can catch them easily. If they are strong, you can’t win them easily. But there are many wild Mortys which you can hunt down by using one item mentioned above.

Conclusion for Pocket Mortys Quests

There are many important factors in this game Pocket Mortys. There are quests which you must complete and required some kind of items. For example, you may need to craft too many important items that can help you complete these quests. You may already read about almost 20 quests in this game above.

The main purpose of these quests is to collect different kind of objects which can help you craft items. You receive any quest, complete them, and receive too many awards that can help you later in-game. Pocket Mortys is not a simple game for you to understand easily. Because it can take some time collecting too many different types of objects.

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