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What is PPC And How Does it Work in 2021? – Amir Articles

PPC is Not a Tool or Model. It is a Metric On All Of Google Does The Whole of it. Read the full Guide about “PPC And How it Work”


 Today, in This Article, We Are Trying To Tell Who In The World Today is Edward Edward, Who Has Become Popular. The Biggest Company or Small Business is Marketing it With The Help Of it, And More And More People Take Out The Traffic or Sales in Their Website. Which Is Very Good For a Business. In Today’s Era, Google Has Not Only Become a Search Engine But Has Also Become a Brand.

What is PPC?

PPC is Not a Tool or Model. This PPC is a Metric On All Of Google Does The Whole PPC – On The Website, You Have To Give The Cost Of Clicks On Google To Google To Bring Traffic To The Website. PPC is Called PPC Through PPC. You Can Do Marketing Through Ads on Any Platform. Read the full guide about “PPC And How it Work?”

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Difference Between PPC And SEO

The Benefit From PPC is That Traffic To Your Website Comes Through Ads, But On The Contrary, Without Investing Money In SEO, You Can Bring Traffic To Your Website. PPC, Through Different Ads Tips, You Have Increased The CTR of Your Website And Your Website Will Increase Your Website’s Impression in The Eyes Of Google.

Google Ad Words Network Ads Types

1. Search Network Ads

2. Display Network Ads

3. Video Network Ads

4. Shopping Network Ads

5. App Network Ads

What is Search Network Ads?

In Today’s World, You Are Very Important For Search Network Ads. Whenever You Do Some Search on Some Search Engines On Google, See That The Ads That Comes On The First Page Is a Part Of The Pumps In Search Network Ads Itself.

Comes Search Network Ads With Extensions It Also Falls Within Search Network Ads. There Are Four Types Of Site Link Extensions And Call Out Extensions, Call Extensions, And Lead Form Extensions. You Can Also Use This When You run Ads Through PPC.

Video Display Network Ads

These Video Display Ads Are Those in Which The User is Shown About His Business And Company Service And Product Through Video Key. You Can See The Ads On The Google Displays Network, Which is Linking Through Google Ad Sense, on Which Ad Sense Are Integrated, They Are Google Displays Network Ads.

Video Display Network Ads Type

1. In-Stream Skippable Ads

  In-Stream Skippable Ads Are Those That You See in The Middle of a Video, The Ads That Last 5 to 30 Seconds Are Called In-Stream Skippable Ads.

2. In-Stream Non- Skippable Ads

In-Stream Non- Skippable Ads Installs Range From 12 to 15. When You Are Watching Videos On YouTube, There Are Ads in The Middle That Come for 15 Seconds That You Cannot Skip. The Same is Called In-Stream Non- Skippable Ads

3. Bumper Ads

Bumper Ads Are Those That Have a Time Of Up to 6 Seconds; these Companies or Businesses Use this ad As Much As The Zomato, Swiggy Company Does.

4. Out Stream Ads

These Are Accessories Designed For Mobiles or Tablets, Which Change The Recording of Ads Mobiles And Tablets.

5. Video Discovery Ads

Also Called True View Ads, it Comes Out On Top On YouTube, But It is Made Of Yellow.

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6. Sequence Ads

Today You Are Watching a Big Video On YouTube; You See That Ads Which Comes In The Middle is Called Sequence Ads.

Video Network Ads

They Are Those In Which The Company or Business, Through The Video Of Its Service or Product, Informs The People About The Service, The User Gets To Know About That Service or Information Only By Looking At it. By The Time Your Business Information Reaches People, There is a Good Medium For Ads, As Much As You Can Get in Contact.

What is Shopping Network Ads?

Nowadays, Anywhere In The World, Whether it Is a Small or a Big Company, it is The Same Search Engine On Google, On Which Shopping Ads Have Gone, And You Are Developing Business And Selling And Today,

The World Is In Great Demand Like When You Shopping. Talking About Ads, You Have Seen That All These Shopping Ads Like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal Are Developing And Selling Your Business

What Is Network Ads Apps?

It Is Run More By The IT Company; It Is The Company That Comes in The Market For New Apps, Ads Is Run For it And Through Marketing, It Tries To Tell People That You Can Use This New App Use The. And People Have To Take Their Own Opinion Whether Your New Apps Are Good For You or Not.


Today In This Article, it Has Been Tried To Understand That If You Run Ads With The Help Of PPC, Then There Is a Platform Of PPC, That With The Help Of Which You Can Run Ads And Give Information About Your Service And Business To More People. PPC Can Be a Very Big Platform For Marketing And Development of Your Business. Hope you love reading “PPC And How it Work”

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