6 Safety Precautions To Follow When Using Scaffolding in Construction

Safety is a significant concern when construction workers must work on scaffolding to do their tasks at an elevated spot. According to a recent report from Safe Work Australia, slips from a scaffold are among the top three reasons why workers fall from a height in their workplaces. Read below about Precautions To Follow When Using Scaffolding.

Fortunately, proper precautions can prevent these incidents. Builders and construction managers must spend time preparing for a safer environment for everyone involved in the project like installing Pioneer Nets to make sure there will be no falling debris. It is also necessary to keep these safety tips in mind to prevent scaffolding accidents on their construction site. 

Invest In Proper PPE

All state and territory governments require personal protective equipment (PPE) in every construction project. PPEs must be worn to reduce the risk to the workers’ health and safety, especially when working at a height.

Most of the injuries that take place on scaffolding systems include falling objects. It is why wearing a hard hat is necessary to prevent serious injuries. Wearing non-slip footgear and fall arrest equipment are also essential when working on platforms. 

Think About Load Limits 

Most of the time, scaffolding designs and materials are created with considerations for particular load-bearing capabilities. 

Picking scaffold components that are not enough for the loads you intend to use in the workplace may put everyone at serious risk of accidents. It may cause platforms to break, crack, or collapse completely. As a result, it may lead to severe injuries if not appropriately addressed.  

Understand All Important Regulations and Standards

Every industry has its specific regulations and safety standards to follow. These rules depend on the state or territory where the construction takes place. 

Most of the safety regulations involve scaffolding use. These rules are made to prevent accidents from happening. It is the reason why it is necessary to learn the laws in the area of construction. 

Inspect Scaffolding Materials Regularly 

Before erecting the work platforms, construction managers must inspect all the materials for scaffolding structure properly. They must ensure that none of the components has any damages or defects that could compromise the scaffold’s structural integrity. 

In addition, the construction manager must source all scaffolding parts from one manufacturer. The components of a scaffolding system are designed to work together. If the parts are mismatched, it can put the workers at serious risk of scaffolding hazards and lead to dangerous structural failure. 

Build Scaffolds Properly

It is necessary to follow every step in the manufacturer’s building instruction for scaffolding to ensure that the platform is structurally sound. One of the most important reminders is to check if the system used the appropriate types of fasteners and bracings. Jury-rigging the components is not advised since it could affect the integrity of the structure. 

Also, it is necessary to add guardrails when erecting the scaffold. Finally, it must use high-quality materials recommended by the scaffolding system’s manufacturers. 

Avoid Erecting in Vehicles and Heavy Equipment 

Construction managers must ensure that the base of the scaffolding system is not erected near the vehicles and other heavy equipment. They must set up some form of barriers to avoid collisions between the structure and the vehicles and machinery as much as possible. Adequate clearance is also necessary to prevent accidents.

Aside from these tips, it is important to conduct regular inspections of the scaffolding systems used during the construction. The daily evaluation must ensure that the workers can use these structures safely when working at a height. By doing all these tips, accidents in the workplace will be reduced significantly. 

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