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5 Ways To Prevent Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids

Read about Prevent Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids and much more below.

∙ Lifting heavy objects 

∙ Constipation 

∙ Train while emptying your bowels 

∙ Pregnancy 

How do you manage piles? 

Many times, we are asked what effective methods can be used to manage the painful symptoms of pimples. Here’s the solution. These are five effective ways to control  piles. 

The best surgery to remove piles is laser surgery. This procedure is recommended for  severe cases that need to be treated. Laser surgery is quick and painless. There will  be minimal to no bleeding. Learn how to avoid piles. Visit the best Piles Doctor in Kolkata

Prevention of piles 

These are 5 ways to avoid pile symptoms: 

1. Get lots of fiber 

Hemorrhoids are more common in those who have less frequent bowel  movements. You can fight this problem by eating more whole grains, legumes, fruits,  and vegetables. Fiber will bulk up your stool, making it easier to pass while preventing  piles. 

2. Regular exercise is important:

Regular exercise will keep your colon healthy. Avoid putting pressure on your  abdomen. Also, avoid straining or weight lifting as this could lead to  

hemorrhoids. Swimming, yoga, and walking are all moderate ways to prevent and  control hemorrhoids 

3. Get plenty of water 

Water can help regulate your digestion. It will also keep you from straining, putting  pressure on the pelvic area, and sometimes causing piles. Water intake will prevent  constipation, and thus hemorrhoids. Other digestive issues can also be caused by  dehydration. Drinking six to eight glasses of water daily will benefit your digestive  system and your whole body. 

4. Don’t resist the urge. 

Remember one thing: When you feel the urge to go, go! Fighting the urge will only lead  to more strain, which can cause flare-ups or piles? Listen to your body before you start  to avoid it

5. Do not strain: 

You should be aware of situations where you might put strain on your bowels. This  could lead to long-term bleeding hemorrhoids. Straining can be caused by chronic  cough, pregnancy, and lifting heavy objects. To avoid straining, avoid these situations.

5 Ways To Prevent Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids

When should you see a doctor? 

When piles become a problem, there are a variety of symptoms. These symptoms can  be mild to severe, depending on whether you have piles. These symptoms are: 

∙ A hard-painful lump may appear around your anus. This is often due to coagulated blood. ∙ After emptying your bowels, you might feel like your bowels are full. 

∙ Itchy, red and itchy around the anus 

∙ Stomach passing pains. 

∙ After wiping your bowel movements, you might see bright yellow blood on tissue. ∙ You may experience anemia if you have severe piles. 

∙ Sometimes, the infection spreads. 

Laser surgery can solve the problem quickly and effectively. Consult the best  Piles Specialist in Kolkata.

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