Detail about ProAir duct cleaning equipment for you duct cleaning need

ProAir duct cleaning equipment for you duct cleaning

ProAir equipment brings to us a fair share of products.

But most importantly it provides us with the tools. The tools that are responsible for cleaning the air ducts. All the tools that an air duct cleaning company should use are available here. They provide the best air duct cleaning equipment. Along with that they even provide extensive training. To open an air duct cleaning business you would need to know everything about the duct cleaning industry. The training program will also give you a chance to prepare yourself and start your very own duct cleaning business. 

The best equipment that they provide are as follows: 

3. Complete duct cleaning equipment package: 

The complete duct cleaning equipment package is portable. The types of equipment that are included in the package perform very well. The entire package performs actions like releasing air, removing debris, sanitizing duct walls and eliminating all kinds of bacteria that gets accumulated in the air duct.

The main objective of the package is to remove all the dirt and debris so that one can breathe fresh and pollution-free air. All the things which will be included in the package are as follows:

  • Custom Protective Powder-Coated Vacuum Dolly
  • Dual Motor Vacuum
  • 1/4 Air Value
  • Air Gun
  • BioClean Duct Sanitizing Sprayer
  • 24″ Spray Wand
  • 8′ Whip Cleaning Ball
  • Duct Vacuum Box
  • Aluminum Reverse Ball
  • Aluminum Forward Ball
  • Quick Connect for Duct Balls
  • 25 ft Lightweight Hose & Reverse Ball
  • 25 ft Black Duct Cleaning Hose (with quick connect)
  • 50 ft Air Hose
  • Kick Board Plate
  • Protective Case – Spray Gun
  • Protective Case – Duct Box
  • 50 ft Air Hose
  • 24×24 Commercial Duct Plate
  • 24×24 Commercial Duct Plate Carry Bag
  • Private Training Video Account
  • Access to Tech Support Hotline
  • Extension Pole with Ball Fitting (Ceiling Registers Only)
  • Ladder Hook

All the necessary things which are required in a duct cleaning system come along with this package. And the entire thing costs only $4885. But the price was further reduced. The current price of the system is $3975. If you don’t want to miss the deal.

2. Dual motor vacuum system:

If you want to get only one piece of equipment at a time when that’s not a problem at all. Its durability is remarkable. It’s completely portable and it’s made of high-performance motors, which are incredible. The price has dropped to $2260. 

3. Basic duct cleaning system.

If you want a simple and non-fussy duct cleaning system. Then this is for you. things that will be included in this system are: 

Package includes:

BioClean Duct Sanitizing Sprayer

Vacuum Box

Aluminum Reverse Ball

Aluminum Forward Ball

8′  Air Whip Cleaning Ball

Quick Connect on Duct Hose

25 ft Lightweight Reverse Ball

25 ft Duct Hose

1/4 Air Value

Air Gun

Kick Board Plate

Protective Case – Spray Gun

Protective Case – Duct Box

Dust Downer for Truck Mounted Unit Only

Private Training Video Account

Access to Tech Support Hot-Line

Ladder Hook

Extension Pole for Duct Box

The price for this has dropped to $1945. That’s an awesome deal right? Don’t miss to grab it before it runs out because there are only three in stock right now.

4. Bio clean duct sanitizing spray:

It is used to apply duct sanitiser directly to the duct walls. It works better than the traditional fogger one. Air ducts must be sanitised every now and then. The best part is that it allows you to control the amount of sanitiser you want to apply.

This system includes:

BioClean Sanitizing Sprayer

24-inch Duct Spraying Wand

Durable Protective Case

Ladder Hook

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