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Professionally Trained Calgary Movers

Calgary Movers Pro have years of experience. We promise to deliver superior Distant moving services in Calgary. Our reputation has earned Calgary Pro a 96% referral rate, one of the best in the moving industry. We specialize in moving Calgary residents across town, across Alberta, or to BC and across Canada. We started out as a local mover on Vancouver Island, and have built our reputation on affordable, local moves and a quick over-the-phone quote system that saves time and money. We now have a local Calgary office bringing our famous local moves to the Southern Alberta area and Capital City of Alberta!

A safe and hassle-free service is what clients need the most when it comes to moving out. With Calgary Pro Movers Inc, this is precisely what you’ll get.

Started in 1994, Calgary Pro Movers is dedicated to helping you move your furniture and personal effects across Canada or just a couple of blocks away. We have a team of careful and experienced packers, storage persons, administrative staff and movers. To ensure your belongings’ safety, we carry comprehensive liability insurance with them.

History of Calgary Pro:

Founded in 1994 as a single-truck group of Calgary movers

Calgary mover Pro provides services in Calgary, Alberta and Edmonton. The company has grown by Leaps and Bounds in the past two and a half decades. As one of the best reputed movers in Calgary, this moving company now features more than 60 employees and 20 large moving trucks. The company provides both local and long-distance service and can also serve as last minute movers if any emergency situation rises.


  • Safe & hassle-free service.
  • Careful and experienced team
  • Liability-insured
  • Speedy quotes
Moving Company

Focus Areas:

  • Residential moving: Calgary Pro is the Best Residential Moving Companies in Calgary. Whether it’s a LOCAL MOVE or DISTANT MOVE you can begin your local moving estimation with Calgary Movers Pro. Calgary residential moving customer service second to none. Calgary movers Pro handles every step of the local moving process, no matter the size or destination of your movie. 
  • Commercial moving: No matter how far your office is moving. Whether it’s a local office move or a long-distance office move. You can begin your estimation with Calgary Office Movers.

Calgary Movers Pro has the experience and resources to meet your needs. Management and supervision is a rare quality today.

  • Piano moving: Calgary Movers PRO is a comprehensive solution for you. Moving a Piano may have extraordinary aspects. We are here to offer you customer service and excellent performance. We understand problems associated with moving a piano. Our employees are trained specialists. Calgary Piano Movers Pro is an accredited company.
  • Long distance moving: Calgary Pro movers has years of experience. It allows us to deliver superior Distant moving services in Calgary. Moving from one place to another is really a headache. There are a lot of different factors that you have to consider when scheduling a long-distance move. Such as the length from your current address to the new one. The type of equipment needed to assist in the move. How long it will approximately take, and much more.


In conclusion, we make sure you are delighted and remain stress free with our service. For this we are the best moving company in Calgary. Call us now for the moving services in Calgary!

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Professional furniture moving service in Calgary City, Alberta.

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