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5 Amazing Promotion Ideas For Your Hotel Business – Hotel Internet Marketing

Are you struggling to come up with a promotion and marketing strategy for your hotel business? Read “Promotion Ideas For Your Hotel Business”


There are more than 54,000 hotels in the United States. This means that if you’re a hotel manager, you need to know how to build a brand and market your business so that you can stand out from the crowd.

Yet what are the fundamentals of advertising your hotel? What can you do to make your hotel more appealing to prospective guests?

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at some of the best promotion ideas that hotels can use to build their brand and boost their image.

Are you ready to get more guests? Then read on!

1. Partnering With Events

No matter where you are, there are going to be big yearly events that take place near you. If you want to boost your hotel’s image and get more guests through your doors, partner with the event organizers.

Events will often have specific hotels that they’ll recommend to attendees and partner with. If you play your cards right, you might even be able to have part of the event take place at your hotel, which will also increase revenue from drinks and food.

2. Create a Loyalty Program

If you’ve got a great hotel, then people will be tempted to return to it. Why not sweeten the deal by creating a loyalty program? These programs reward guests with points for each time they stay at the hotel.

When they’ve got enough points, you can give them a reward, such as a free night’s stay at your hotel. 

This incentivizes satisfied customers to return to your hotel and gives them another reason to stay there. Make sure your repeat customers know that they’re valued.

3. Create an SEO Strategy

Many of us find our hotel via the internet. Perhaps we search for “[city] hotel” and click on the first few links that come up. Most of us won’t take a look at the second or third page of Google’s results.

This means that hotel internet marketing is essential. Putting together an SEO strategy that lands you higher up the search results will make a long-term difference to your web presence and get more guests through your doors.

4. Get Listed on as Many Sites as Possible

While many people will book their hotels through their websites, many people also use intermediary websites like Booking or Hotels.com. Getting yourself listed on as many of these sites as possible is absolutely essential. 

Don’t skip this step: many people will use these websites to find their hotel, and you want to get their eyes on you.

5. Keep Your Guests Happy

A satisfied customer should be your end goal. You can do all the marketing and promotion in the world, but if customers leave unhappy, that negative word of mouth can do you a lot of harm.

Go the extra mile for your guests and make sure they have everything they could need. A satisfied customer is the best promotion strategy that there is.

Try These Hotel Promotion Ideas

We hope that these promotion ideas can help your hotel flourish even more than it already is. Put our tips into practice and you’ll have satisfied guests and a better presence in both online and offline marketing.

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