Understanding how a proper home blood sample collection method affects your results in the lab

When it came to blood tests and diagnostic services, people have always had to take time off of their regular lives to visit a doctor’s office or hospital. This wasn’t ideal as patients had limited availability and most doctors’ offices are only available during normal business hours. Most of the time, you’d have to wait days or even weeks to find out if there was an issue with your health. But now there’s a new test service that’s aimed at giving people more control over their own health care.

Home blood sample collection is a good step in the medical field. It fulfills the need of every patient who needs to have his/her platelet and red cells transfusion. It also provides an alternative to patients who don’t show up for their scheduled appointments in hospitals, which can save time and effort. It may seem like a small step, but it is actually a big leap in how we handle blood collection. Home blood collection is an innovative and new process that has been developing over the last few years.

Home blood collection sample shows us how healthy we are as compared to others.

Home Blood Sample Collection

Home blood sample collection leads to an easy diagnosis of diseases by evaluating the sample right away after collection instead of waiting for a prolonged-time period at the laboratory. Home blood sample collection methods are available to help patients, and doctors easily obtain a sample for diagnostic testing. The sample collection includes the following steps-

  • A convenient home sampling system is used to obtain and prepare a single drop of blood for the most accurate diagnostic test results.
  • The package is sent out to the laboratory with detailed instructions that will allow the return shipment of your test results.
  • Simple and easy-to-use, home blood collection systems provide immediate analysis at a convenient location.

The test has gained popularity since it is easy to collect samples from someone at home and can be easily carried to the laboratory for routine lab tests. It reduces the risk of contracting infections in individuals who have low immunity. People suffering from various diseases are tested in this manner.

Process Of Home Blood Sample Collection

There are several blood tests that are carried out to check various aspects of the health or provide information regarding a disease. The most common one is the complete blood count done on a regular basis to assess the hemoglobin and red blood cells levels. The precautions are to be adhered to while conducting this test.

Many procedures in healthcare require the drawing of blood. All of these procedures require the right protocols to ensure you are drawing blood in a safe manner. A syringe is used to draw blood from the arm and is tested thereafter after packing the blood sample. Also, at the time of blood drawing the patient might feel a pain sensation.

Problems While Home Blood Sample Collection

There are a few problems that might happen while blood sampling.

Inadequate Information about Tests

If people do not have enough information about the test they are going to give, they might become anxious which can lead to a rise in blood pressure causing the results of the test to be inaccurate. This is also true for people who don’t know what will happen to them during the test.

Hushed Experience

When people do not feel comfortable, they tend to lose consciousness, which is why it is important to keep a relaxed atmosphere during blood sampling. People should talk and interact with each other instead of being silent because this can lead to anxiety and fear which can cause a rise in blood pressure.

Hygiene Factors

In order for a patient not to get sick, it is important that all the equipment that will be used during blood sampling is clean and sterile.

Insufficient Quantity of Blood Samples

This problem happens when people cannot give as much blood as is needed for testing. This problem can also be solved by talking with patients and making them feel comfortable so they don’t get anxious and nervous because this leads to loss of consciousness.

However, if you choose the right platform for home blood sample collection, you will not face any of these problems.


In this world, everyone wants a better life and better medical facilities. Almost every disease has established medical laboratory techniques. So, a clinical laboratory is an essential component of the clinical center. A lab blood test serves an important role in the health care environment. Lab blood tests provide data and reports on the functionality of individual organs, infection or infestation, drugs reaction, and many other diseases. The results are very helpful in determining underlying medical conditions.

Blood sampling helps to detect any changes that might be going on inside our body that can indicate different diseases. Home blood sample collection helps health care professionals to know what should be the treatment for a particular illness or ailment that we might be having.

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