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Pros and Cons of Influencer Marketing in 2021 – Amir Articles

Finding the right influencers can improve your branding and sales. Read about Pros and Cons of Influencer Marketing that you Must Know.


Finding the right influencers can improve your branding and sales, and in the same way, if you do campaigns with the wrong influencers, it will harm your brand.

In this rapidly changing era, everything is changing depending on its shelf life. It is a very competitive market nowadays, and only the idea persists that it is unique and most beneficial. So, people are bringing down more and more innovative ideas to run the market buzz.

The same is the case for influencer marketing. It falls under the umbrella of digital marketing. With the growing demand for the market, things are taking their turn.

Most of the marketers are shifting digitally and prefer this market. Even when you look around yourself, you will get many successful businesses, and most of them are online businesses.

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With the rise in online businesses, the marketing trends are rising and demand in influencer marketing. However, every coin has two aspects.

In this article, you will be getting both sides of influencer marketing, not only the positive ones; you will also get the true and genuine negative aspects.

The pros of influencer marketing

1. Affordable:- 

The time had gone when the marketers were spending millions and billions of dollars on celebrities. Now, influencers are taking their place. We can say that the influencers are replacing them. It is because of the availability of influencers at a much lower price than those costly celebs. Even people are diving into social media and the Internet. So, they are going to watch these influencers, and hence, marketing will be easy.

2. Targets audience:- 

It is one of the primary reasons for selecting influencer marketing. If you choose any influencer as per the nice same as yours, you will be directly targeting the relevant audience you can consider as your customers.

It will be a complete waste if your product does not reach the audience it is made for. So, it is a far better option to invest in the deals that benefit you. Influencers will promote the product to fewer people, but the outcomes will be higher than other marketing methods.

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3. Building trust:- 

As influencers have a large fanbase due to the hard work and dedication towards their work. So, people follow them for their talent and the level of connectivity they feel with the influencers. It generates a trust bond with them.

The influencers also keep on staying in touch with their audience, either through coming live in social media handles or “Ask me about anything” campaigns, posts, or anything like that. These all result in trust with the influencers.

So, if the influencer is promoting any brand, people will trust the brand or the product. It will help the brands to generate more credibility.

4. Outreach:- 

Let us take an example. You are hiring any micro-influencer with their fanbase of 5k to 50k then, the product will be showcased to that number of people once at a time. If you are hiring 5-6 influencers like this, it will automatically bring out about five times to 6 times the number of audience. Also, you will be going to find the relevant consumers of your brand.

Therefore, it is excellent in reaching a wide segment of the target audience just in a post or via a video.

5. Higher conversion rates:- 

Since it takes time for the influencer to build up their audience, so the followers of these influencers are the ones who have trust in them and friendly relations.

So, it will take no time to turn out these followers into a consumer of the product endorsed by the influencer. The generation of leads and conversions will be higher compared to other marketing methods.

So far, we are well prepared with the benefits of influencer marketing; now it is the time for the non-benefitting features of influencer marketing.

The cons of influencer marketing

The cons of influencer marketing

1. Bad influencers:-

 One might fall into the trap of the wrong influencers. They will also have many followers in their social media account, but they might be fake followers. If you are going to collaborate with these influencers, you will never get an expected result.

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First, check their profile and the engagement rate; if you find it genuine, then only go ahead with them; otherwise, be prepared for the extreme loss.

2. Might be a loss:- 

There are inevitable mistakes that many influencers make. These are:-

  • Not disclosing that the post is a sponsored one.
  • Not relevant content.
  • Followers and engagements are inflated via bots.

3. Risk:- 

In some cases, you might not get the results you expected. Suppose the influencer fails in delivering the content that raises the engagement of the audience. In that case, you might experience disappointing results, even if the influencer is a nice one with expertise in their niche. So, keep track of things like these, which means each and everything that the influencer plans for promotion.

The above mentioned is enough to give a better output if you are using influencer marketing. Also, you might get a translucent idea of the dos and don’ts involved in it. 

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Q.1. What are the advantages of influencer marketing?

A. The advantages of influencer marketing are:- 

  • Affordable.
  • Targets audience.
  • Building trust.
  • Outreach.
  • Higher conversion rates.

Q.2. What are the pros and cons of social media marketing?

A. The pros of social media marketing:- 

  • Quick.
  • Reach a larger segment of the audience.
  • Affordable or low cost.
  • Interaction with the consumers made easy.

The cons of social media marketing:- 

  • Time-consuming in giving results.
  • A negative comment on the brand will turn everything upside down.
  • ROI will take time.
  • The risk involved in fake publicity.

Q.3. Are influencers trustworthy?

A. Yes, they are. It is because of the results they have shown for some years and increased their graph. However, stay alert by falling into the trap of bad influencers. It will turn out the risk of the wrong brand name.

Q.4. Is influencer marketing bad?

A. Not always. It is shown very remarkable results. You have to get the complete information and performance graph of the influencer with whom you will collaborate. This analysis may consume your time, but it will indeed give you the expected results.

Q.5. Is it worth paying influencers for brand promotion?

A. Yes, it will because they are not charging you a hoard of money. Also, it is proved a better method than the traditional ones using celebrities. So, it is a great deal with a win-win situation. Keep in note the points mentioned above.

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