Punjab Police Launches Smartphone App in Lahore To Prevent Mobile Phone Theft

Punjab Police Launches Smartphone

Smartphones that have been stolen or misplaced are sold regularly in the industry. Since Punjab Police plans to use an effective surveillance system to utilise your device’s IMEI number, this practice will now be limited. Every phone is given an IMEI number, which is a 15-digit code that serves as the phone’s unique identifier.

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What Is This?

Smartphone stealing and snatching have become a problem in Punjab, so the police dept has launched a new mobile application to protect and find missing devices. The e-Gadget Surveillance System was developed by the Punjab Information Technology Panel and the Lahore Capital Local Cops. It’s available both on Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store for download.

The DIG Special investigation Lahore department hosted the official launch of the pilot app. BA Nasir, the police chief of the capital city, was the guest of honour at the ceremony’s inauguration. DIG Investigation Dr Inaam Wahid, DIG Operations Waqas Nazeer, SSP Admin Mutazir Mehdi, SSP Investigations Zeeshan Asghar, SSP (CRO) Ahsan Saifullah, executive police officers, trade figureheads, and reporters were also in attendance for the event.

Stolen phones will be reported to the police right away, and an FIR will be filed right away. According to Lahore police officials, stolen cellphones are being marketed and purchased because their data is not available digitally. There are plans to broaden the E-Gadget Monitoring System’s reach to other areas once Lahore becomes a success, Nasir said.

How it works?

The e-Gadget app will make it simple for mobile phone vendors to register themself. In order for the authorities to access the dataset of stolen devices, store owners will hold the IMEI numbers of every smartphone in the app. BA Lahore CCPO Nasir described the app as a revolution because, he claimed, its use would reduce cellphone thievery by 60% to 70%. He assured vendors that the tool would help them protect their businesses. An FIR will be immediately uploaded to the police’s website if a stolen phone is reported through the app.

He went on to say that stolen mobiles were being marketed and bought because the information on them was not accessible on the internet. After Lahore’s success with the app, Nasir said it would be rolled out to other cities as well. DIG Businesses that sell, repair, and upgrade the software on mobile devices will be required to store the IMEI number of each device on the app. As a consequence, the cops will be able to access a dataset of stolen mobiles, and the criminals will be unable to sell the device. If the device is stolen, clients will be allowed to have the app to check.

How To Sign up Oneself on the Application?

Anyone can access the eGadget Surveillance System by following these simple steps.

  • The initial step is to install the app from your smartphone play store.
  • Once you’ve filled out the application, you’ll need to enter your CNIC number, the name of your shop, and the location of your shop.
  • Once you’ve completed the form, you’ll receive a one-time password (OTP) via text message to the phone number you supplied. Use this to verify your identity, and you’ll be able to log in.
  • Confirm phone IMEI numbers and cross-check them to police files using an app like this one.

Protecting against stolen cars

The Punjab police, on the other hand, urge all citizens to verify that the vehicle they are acquiring is not a stolen one at the moment of purchase. One should request a vehicle Verification Certificate (VVC) from the Punjab police’s Police Khidmat Markaz (PKM).

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