How to quit social media, video games, binge-watching, or any bad habit

Quitting a bad habit of giving up an unhealthy activity always circles around the guilt that creates a question “WHY?” in your mind. The stronger and clearer argument your mind creates against your willingness to keep on with the same old route, the easier it gets to attain your desired goals.

In the present era of so-called technological modernization, people are infused with a Keen desire to never ever detach themselves from social media, video games, current sociopolitical, political, and most important never-ending short-lived viral news feeds.

The ancient golden rule states:

Addiction for you is what you can’t handle properly, so quitting fully is the only option left.

But these days you are given an option of a detour. If you can’t stop video gaming try watching movies meanwhile you must delete all video games. Or otherwise start reading books online or hard copies. If your new choice of business makes you bored, then think of another one.

But never go back to the previous one. Take pictures with your phone, make videos, post more and more videos on social media to forget gaming. Talk and confess bad habits to your friends family members and over social media through blogs and discuss solutions. Why not you can start cooking or physical outdoors, indoor games. Keep making vlogs videos of your improvements and keep sharing watching every now and then.

All I want to convince you if you ever have a balloon of guilt in your brain to not be able to quit a bad habit of any kind, at least keep blowing up that balloon. Because one day it will explode and you will be left with the biggest “WHY?” of your life.

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