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Quran Tutors Online – How Do We Choose Our Quran Tutors?

Learning Quran online has become a doodle nowadays for everyone with the latest distant learning technology. Finding the best online Quran tutor is now the game of your fingertips. If you are planning for the online Quran classes for yourself or your kids then you are in the right place. We at Online Madrassa are one of the best online Quran Academy providing the online Quran classes while being cost-friendly. We have got best Quran tutors online from all over the world who are proficient in multiple languages especially English and Arabic which are mostly used for online Quran sessions. 

How Do We Choose Our Quran Tutors? 

All of our Quran teachers  are certified and tested. Our criterion to choose the female/male Quran tutors online is well defined and same for all candidates. When a candidate applies for the Quran tutor job on our website then we tend to assess their skills and expertise as per our requirement before making their profile live on our Quran learning website 

We check the candidate on the basis of following skills:

  • Computer skills – We check if the Quran teacher has the ability to teach students online? We need to determine that he/she can understand our online Quran classes system effectively and can respond to students timely.
  • Expertise as per Subjects – Depending on which subjects the Quran tutor has chosen to teach, our team will evaluate the abilities and proficiency of the candidate in that particular subject, especially the Quran recitation if the candidate wants to teach Quran Tajweed and Quran memorization.
  • Experience in Quran teaching the experience of teaching Quran online or offline really counts. We properly investigate while interviewing the candidate how much experience does he secure? He has experience in teaching what age group? etc

These qualifications are the first priority of your Quran Tuition Online. We have a variety of female Quran tutors and male Quran tutors. Our Quran tutors are from all over the world like Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan, USA, and Saudi Arabia. Our qualified teachers can communicate in Arabic, English, Hindi, and Urdu and Pashto. Now you can Learn Quran Online with Tajweed in any language. We guarantee that you and your kids are going to love to  learn Quran online at Online Madrassa. 

Why choose Online Madrassa to learn Quran online?

We understand your requirements and expectations when you choose to start learning Quran online, It might be a new experience for you but we assure you that we, by the Grace of Allah Almighty, have ALL that you need to learn Quran online easily.

Our Quran learning course involves different principles which include:

  1. Guidance for Quran translation and recitation
  2. Assistance for memorizing Quran
  3. Daily lectures on the topic of “Quran Ideology”
  4. Quran Tajweed Rules and Arabic Grammar

What do we offer?

Provide learning sessions:

We ensure that every student at Online Madrassa avails the special attention. Under the assistance of Best Online Quran Teachers, students can have instant help and guidance anytime.

Timings are adjustable:

We schedule your Online Quran class  on the basis of your availability. Our professional and qualified teachers are 24/7 available when it comes to assisting students. So you can choose the time of your class as per your convenience.  

Intelligent Classes:

Online Madrassa utilizes the most recent programming like video spilling, whiteboard, screen sharing, and multi-path sound. It will help our students to make the Quran learning experience intelligent and easy.

Female Quran Teachers:

We have qualified  Female Qualified English Quran Tutors at Online Madrassa for those sisters who want to be taught only by the female Quran tutors.

How can you Keep Track of Your Online Sessions:

You can keep the track of your online Quran Learning classes by having the video logs of your class. This way you can revise your lessons and also note the queries if any and ask the Quran tutor online. This is to make your Quran learning experience FANTABULOUS!

So register for the Online Quran course of your choice and start learning Quran with us. 

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