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What is a Reagent Dispensing Solution and How Does It Work?

The existing techniques for reagent dispensing pose a danger of spillage, waste, contamination of the bottle contents, or, in the case of glass ampoules, a risk of shattered glass and sharp edges.

Mostly reagents are used for moisture measurement in a wide range of industries. The methods for transferring the reagent to liquid dispensing system for lateral flow assays are currently being used, and they all entail many stages.

From a safety viewpoint, existing techniques risk spillage, waste, bottle contamination, or, in the case of glass ampoules, a danger of shattered glass and sharp edges.

Existing Methods

  • Remove the bottle cap, insert a syringe or pipet, and pull up the required amount of reagent, remove the syringe from the bottle and put it into the cathode, distribute the reagent, and reseal the bottle of liquid dispensing system for lateral flow assays.
  • Break off the tip of a standard glass ampoule and draw the contents out with a syringe or pipet, using cushioning to protect fingertips. After that, the reagent is transported to the cathode.
  • Break the tip off a normal glass ampoule, invert it, and shake the contents into a funnel or straight into the cathode while protecting your fingers. Avoid splashing or reagent loss by using caution.

What if we could improve reagent dispensing techniques at the same time to save time, reduce risks, and increase precision? Lateral Flow Dispenser is a single firm that provides a single integrated solution to address the end user’s existing problems regarding liquid dispensing system for lateral flow assays.

Lateral Flow Dispensers

The dispenser Reagents may be dispensed more easily, quickly, and safely with double-ended ampoules. This method reduces time while also ensuring safe handling and delivery. With numerous titrations, the end user gains a 60 percent increase in efficiency.

With one hand, hold the ampoule and break off the tip with the blue snap easy tool provided. The tool saves the tip that was removed. Use the same tool to snap off and hold the other tip after inverting the ampoule over the cathode. The vacuum is released after the tip is removed, enabling the reagent to flow quickly into the coulometric titrator’s cathode cell.

Furthermore, the easy-to-use snap tool makes collecting the glass tips from the ampoules’ ends a breeze. The tool is included in the liquid dispensing system for lateral flow assays.

Simple solutions are wise decisions. Customer demand drives the development of new products. The use of original chemicals is one option that helps take the work out of your job, from improved formulas to more efficient packaging and easy reagent dispensing kits. It helps to provide innovative solutions for improved laboratory efficiency and operations.

Dispensing reagents, solvents, and kits are made of high quality and are utilized by the world’s premier instrument makers and scientists. To meet the technical demands of scientists, the firm provides the broadest range of dispensing reagents formulations on the market.


You can also try the Lateral Flow Dispensers since their quality is outclass. Not only this, but they also provide you proper guidelines regarding the dispensing reagents and liquid dispensing system for lateral flow assays.

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