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Top Reasons to Move to the Emirate of Dubai

How you live or want to live, Dubai provides the opportunities for luxury residential houses, read Reasons to Move to the Emirate of Dubai.


The city of gold, the financial capital of the UAE and home to the most notable landmarks in the world, Dubai has a place for everyone. Regardless of where you’re from, how you live and how you’d want to live. The emirate provides opportunities and homes for all.

It’s no wonder why millions of job seekers, families, tourists, adventurers and those who’re seeking serenity relocate to Dubai. With plentiful provisions, luxuries and an environment filled with grandeur, you are always spoilt for choice. Whether it be the top-notch high-rise complexes in the middle of the city or the water’s edge apartments offering scenic horizons; everyone aspires to be in the midst of elegance and congeniality that the emirate proudly boasts of.


For those who’re still in doubt, here’s a list of things you’re sure to find in the emirate:

The Lifestyle:

Imagine waking up to the gorgeous views of the sea on one side of your bedroom window as well as the notable Dubai skyline on the other. The Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Cayan Tower and more high-rises making for a legitimate ‘top of the morning’.

Once you’re up, you call for the concierge services offered in your residential community and have them prepare a delicious breakfast. Since the emirate has all sorts of cuisines and dishes to offer. You’ll have the luxury to try anything you want. Now that you’re up and full, it’s time to go meet the emirate.

Stepping outside your residence, you find the whole world waiting for you. Commercial hubs, local retailers, cultural antiquities as well as fine dining restaurants and cafes are all available for your leisure. For those who wish to adopt a healthy lifestyle, fitness clubs, gyms and swimming pools are around almost every other corner. Most of all, if you’re living in the right community, you can have one or all of these amenities in your very residence.

The Entertainment:

Dubai is nothing if not the centre of attention for all the adventurers and enthusiasts who are looking to have fun. From clubs, amusement and themed parks to nature trails, rock climbing and ziplining adventures, everything is available. You can even go skiing in Dubai at the emirate’s very own ski rink.

Some of the most reputed attractions in this regard include amusement parks such as:

  • Aventura Parks
  • Bollywood Parks Dubai
  • IMG Worlds of Adventure
  • Legoland Dubai
  • Aquaventure
  • Virtual Reality Park
  • Adventureland
  • SEGA Republic
  • Columbia Pictures Dubai
  • Dubai Parks and Resorts
  • AquaFun Water Park
  • Lionsgate Dubai
  • Action Park Dubai
  • Lost Valley
  • Hub Zero Dubai
  • Lost Valley Dubai
  • Wild Wadi Waterpark and many more!

Apart from this, the malls of the emirate are not only a sight to behold but they also offer everything from all over the world. The prime example of this can be the biggest mall in the world. The Dubai Mall located in the Dubai Marina. Similarly, the Mall of the Emirates is another great place to go to in order to get things on an affordable rate.

The Economy:

Faring in the world’s best countries who have tackled the COVID-19 pandemic and managed national as well as international affairs, the UAE is a trustworthy place. The government showed no lack of initiatives when hard times came for the country’s population.

Economic stimulus packages and quick amendments, as well as the implementation of laws to protect citizens’ livelihood, were in place as soon as announcements were made of the pandemic’s inevitable crisis.


Although there’s no denying that businesses all around the world sustained a heavy blow. However, it’s safe to say that the emirate is doing better now. In fact, Dubai’s economy is now on its way to a speedy recovery along with jobs and businesses rising against the tides of the pandemic that slowed them down.

The Residences:

From the state of the art waterfront and water’s edge development projects in the Marina to the reputed villas offered in the Palm, the emirate redefines luxury living. There is no denying that the infrastructure, as well as the architectural design of all the competing residential projects, are, to quote a resident, phenomenal.  

There’s a plethora of choice for everyone belonging to all classes. Although it’s clear that there’s no top for the kind of luxury you can afford, what’s good is that the standard of living in the emirate raises the bar for everyone.

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