Reasons To Opt CompTIA A+ Certification

Opting for an IT certification is great. It is important to determine what you want to study and your ultimate career goals. You may be wondering, how useful is CompTIA A+?

Well, if you’re looking to break into the tech industry, it’s worth it – that’s why. You can’t build a house without a foundation. The CompTIA A+ is the industry standard entry-level certification that proves you have the basics to start a career in IT. And a career in IT is the road to 2022. You can always read about CompTIA A+ Certification in Geneva to get local help there.

For example, while other industries are making budget cuts during the pandemic, many in-demand IT professionals have proven they have the skills to be indispensable. According to the Dice Payroll Report, companies are investing more in technology in 2021, and some of the world’s largest companies such as Amazon, Twitter, JPMorgan Chase, and Capital One are actively seeking IT professionals with specialized skills.

Those seeking their first job in information technology tend to aspire to climb the ladder and eventually specialize in something they are passionate about, such as cybersecurity, cloud computing, or software development. But everyone has to start somewhere. And the first step to starting your career is to enter the starting position. This is where the CompTIA A+ training comes in handy.

Reasons You Should Get CompTIA A+ Certification

1) CompTIA A+ is the key to your IT career

Being CompTIA A+ certified means you understand the latest basics in computer software and hardware. You’ll learn how to troubleshoot a variety of devices, from computers to smartphones. CompTIA A+ is a great starting point for any IT career; it can help you land your first job in information technology and lead you to IT success.

2) CompTIA A+ lets you go anywhere

With CompTIA A+ certification, there are no limits. Since the certification doesn’t focus on proprietary software and hardware, you can build your technical knowledge base and approach the technical vocabulary you’ll need in your career path, whichever path you choose. The path to coveted areas such as cybersecurity and computer networking in any vendor environment is wide, open with CompTIA A+. In addition, A+ has ISO/ANSI accreditation status, which means your A+ certificate is trusted by employers worldwide.

3) CompTIA A+ lets you work from anywhere

Many IT jobs today no longer require employees to work in specific offices or other locations. With CompTIA A+, you have access to a career that lets you work from anywhere, whether in your employer’s office or at home.

4) CompTIA A+ can open the door to better payouts

IT jobs are one of the highest paying jobs of our time, and many are creating new jobs every day. While job search depends on many factors, the CompTIA A+ certification is a respected and high performing company that you can trust and hire for your first IT job. If you stay on track, gain certifications, experience, and additional education, you will have the opportunity to progress in your career and meet your income goals.

5) CompTIA A+ leads to a better work-life balance

When you enter IT with CompTIA A+, you are at the forefront of your work-life balance. Moving on from a stressful, physically difficult, or unfulfilling IT career can give your life new meaning. Many IT careers are associated with mild stress, a sense of accomplishment, opportunities to improve physical and mental health, and opportunities for improvement. Not to mention, there will still be plenty of time left for meaningful relationships with friends and family.

6) CompTIA A+ is made by experts in the IT industry

The CompTIA A+ certificate is created and continuously renewed by experts from the IT industry across a wide range of industries and professions. When you earn your CompTIA A+ certification, you know that your knowledge meets companies’ expectations of their current IT staff. This means that those who breathe and live IT every day can trust that you have the experience to get the job done.

7) CompTIA A+ is supported by more than 1 million people

When you receive your CompTIA A+ certificate, you will join over 1 million other IT professionals who have made their IT careers with it.

8) CompTIA A+ is a great achievement

Taking your CompTIA A+ exam, in most cases, requires training and education. Depending on what you already know, how close you are to computer hardware and software, and how quickly you acquire new knowledge, preparing for the two exams leading up to the CompTIA A+ certification can take days or weeks. When you receive your A+ certificate, you receive a strong professional letter of credit and recognition for accomplishments and accomplishments that you can be proud of.

9) CompTIA A+ shows that you are serious about your career

Once you are certified with CompTIA A+, CompTIA makes it easy to renew your certification and your knowledge with recertification. Staying on this path is a testament to your dedication to your career and your persistence in keeping up with the latest developments in the IT industry.

10) CompTIA A+ makes you part of the community

CompTIA A+ Certificate holders have created a strong community from which you can learn, communicate, seek advice, and give back. Find your co-workers on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Reddit – or someone from the CompTIA AITP IT professional association you can join locally and nationally to develop your career.

Are you looking for an internship? offers the CompTIA A+ best practice test with 1,800+ questions. We give you access to online bracket tests developed by our experts. These online practise tests match the difficulty level and question types of the latest CompTIA exams.

Increase your chances with a professional

While self-study is very important, it’s good to need a little extra help. That’s why ACI Learning offers training in the technology industry with expert instructors to help you complete your CompTIA courses, earn certifications, and help you kick-start your career in IT.

We work to suit your schedule and learning style with courses offered day, night, online or on-campus. First of all, we accompany you on your journey to your certification. We will then offer career services to assist graduates with recruitment. This also includes helping you optimize your resume and build a professional network.

 Because of the difference in skills in the IT field, the industry is evolving every day and requires professionals who are up for the challenge. Taking a CompTIA A+ certification course can be a great place to start. Contact us today if you want to pass exams, earn certificates, and take your career to the next level.

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