Recovering From a Traumatic Birth

Traumatic Birth

Having a baby is a fantastic experience that you can never really be prepared for, and because you can never truly prepare for birth, you can never really anticipate what may or may not happen. Some births are straightforward, and everything is fine, but, unfortunately, some births do not go according to plan and subsequently end up being quite traumatic events for mother and baby alike. If your birth did not exactly go to plan, or if you did not have the experience you thought you would have, how do you start to process this, and where should you start?

Family and Friends

Begin by communicating with those around you. Building and utilizing a support network is essential. Being able to speak openly and honestly to those who are important to you is essential. Your friends and family are there to support you; they are there to offer guidance, and, most importantly, they are there to offer a listening ear. Reaching out to family and friends is easy and is something that you should prioritize. Sharing feelings, emotions, and thoughts with others will help you work through your experience, and it will help lighten the load you may be feeling.

Taking Things Easy

After any birth, there is no rush to get back to a normal routine. It is important to take things slowly, especially after a traumatic experience. When you take things slowly, you give your body and your emotions time to work through everything that has happened. If you do not take things easy, or at least at a more relaxed pace, then you may find you are putting yourself under unnecessary stress and pressure, which, of course, will do you no good in the long run.

Speaking to the Professionals

As well as speaking to family and friends, you may also find it beneficial to speak to others outside of those that you know. Taking time to contact specialists and professionals who may well be able to help and assist you in your recovery will most likely form part of your journey on the road to recovery. For example, a professional counselor may well be who you need to consult if you are having trouble opening up about mixed emotions or feelings. Or a specialist lawyer may be who you need to contact if a brain injury at birth has been sustained. Getting the right advice and the right guidance from trained and qualified professionals may just help make the recovery process that little bit easier.

Looking After Yourself

You must remember you also have to look after yourself as well as your little one. Your mental health and well-being and your physical health are just as important as anything else. Looking after yourself doesn’t mean dedicating hours at a time. For example, a daily shower or daily bath can improve how you feel. Or why not focus on what you are eating and drinking. A healthy and well-balanced meal plan for the week ahead might sound like it can do much, but it will ensure that you get the nutrients and goodness your body needs and help keep you on the road to recovery.

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