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6 Informative Tips to Remove Eyelash Extension Without Any Damage

As per experts, 90 to 150 eyelashes are on the upper lid and 70-80 lashes on the bottom lash area. Read “Remove Eyelash Extension”


Eyes are the most sensitive, precious, and beautiful part of the body, and they are full of attraction. Eyes colour and beauty of eyelashes make eyes more attractive. According to Winksbotique.com, 90 to 150 eyelashes are on the upper lid and 70-80 lashes on the bottom lash area. Rich eyelashes make eyes more attractive and good-looking. That’s the reason eyelash extensions are the favourite part of makeup for ladies. Read about eyelash extension Maricopa az to know more about getting local help.

Quality is too essential for eyelash extensions, and they come in very premium quality because these extensions are used on the most sensitive part of the face. Moreover, these precious extensions are packed well in custom box packaging to save them from damage and contamination.

The Most Difficult Part

According to the ladies, the most challenging part of using these extensions is removing them without the proper information. Suppose you are going to remove these extensions forcefully without any correct knowledge. In that case, you may damage your natural eyelashes that can cause some severe damage to your sensitive eyes as well. In this post, I will share some tips to remove these eyelash extensions safely. You will have adequate knowledge about how you can properly and safely remove your eyelash extensions.

There they are a little difficult to remove; there are many benefits to have them as well.

Benefits of Extensions

  1. Enhancement in look and eyes to their best.
  2. It creates an added volume for natural eyelashes.
  3. The length of natural ones will be increased.
  4. You do not need to use mascara anymore.
  5. Natural eyelashes are entirely secure.
  6. Completely water repellent.
  7. Very lightweight like natural ones.
  8. You will have an enriched feeling.
  9. It creates a unique effect on your personality and beautifies you as well.

Can you Remove it at Home?

The most secure method that is always recommended is by a professional in that field. In several instances, these extensions are applied to your natural eyelashes by using surgical glue or materials that are pretty strong. If inside of eyes touched somehow, there is a chance of infection to the eyes that a professional can avoid because you may close eyes in the process to be safe. There are many cases that you may not get an appointment or get time to visit the parlor, and you have to start doing this process by yourself.

You may want to let your natural lashes breathe a little because of the prolonged use of your eyelash extensions. There are some methods approved by professionals to remove eyelashes at home. Follow below steps for Remove Eyelash Extension.

1- Picking and Pulling is Not Recommended.

If you want to remove extensions in a rush, then these are few things to remember. It would be best not to cut the lash extensions because you may miss your natural eyelashes. You may be making them blunter and fake-looking.

Do not pull the extensions with any type of tweezer because this will damage your precious and natural eyelashes also, and you may create a rash for the eyes. Doing this method will disturb the growth of new natural lashes as well. So, this one is top of the do not do phenomenon.

2- Take a Hot Shower to Loosen Them Quickly

While you are in the shower, you should not rub or pluck your eyelash extensions in any case. As mentioned before, plucking will create a considerable risk of damage to your natural lashes. Rubbing them may allow bacteria to get in the eyes and make rash or other eyes problems. Every expert recommends not to wet them or steam your lashes; that’s why doing the opposite will surely help lose the glue a little bit from your eyelash extensions.

3- Use Oil Added Cleansers

An oil-based cleanser is the best option to loosen your extensions because added oil loses the glue of the hairs, and the process will be easy to remove afterward. Use your cleanser in circular motions and rub them gently to loosen the glue effectively. If you need to remove any remaining extensions, these oil-based cleansers are best to use. Keep in mind that you have to repeat this process many times to get efficient results.

4- You can Buy a Lash Glue Dissolver

It would be beneficial to buy a professional lash glue dissolver that is generally used by pro parlors. It would be best to be very careful because eyes and eyelashes are the most sensitive part of the body. That’s the main reason to understand every aspect of this process and be cautious while removing eyelash extensions at home. You can indeed remove these extensions at home by multiple hot showers or oily cleansers but buying a lash glue dissolver would be the best choice for the beauty and safety of your eyes. It would be best if you dipped a cotton bud in that glue dissolver, then apply readily above your eyelash extensions to dissolve the glue. The tricky part here is that you should avoid touching the skin of your eyes to be safe from the irritation that may occur due to that dissolvent.

5-Get Direct Steam

Put some hot water in a bowl and take a towel on your head to preserve steam on your face. Take your look on direct steam and wait for 10-15 min. After that, use olive oil dipped cotton at your eyelash extensions to smoothly remove extra hair without damaging the natural ones. This method will help you to remove the remaining extensions very easily.

6-Be Gentle

After the removal of extensions, your natural eyelashes are a little weak.

Be very gentle during your makeup or while applying mascara.

It is not recommended to wait for the eyelash extensions to grow out; this will not help you.


There are many tips to remove effectively. Just be careful while doing this process because your eyes are the most delicate and sensitive part of the body. You should go to a specialist if you find it difficult at any stage.

The makeup industry is growing day by day, and there is no place low for low-quality products. All makeup products, including eyelash extensions, are very delicate and sensitive because these products are used on the most precious part of the body. You cannot bear compromise in the quality of these products as well as their boxes. Packaging of these products should be both strong and presentable. You cannot tolerate damage to these products; that’s why their packaging should be excellent and robust.

Stampa Prints is one of the leading customized packaging providers providing customized packaging solutions that are both attractive as well as robust. You can visit their website for more information about the customization of packaging and multiple designs. Hope you love reading about “Remove Eyelash Extension”

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