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Driving Tips to be Safe on Dubai Roads in 2021 – Amir Articles

Want to rent Rent Luxury Cars in Dubai? Here are Tips to be Safe on Dubai Roads from breaking the law or running into an accident.

 Driving Tips to be Safe on Dubai Roads

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Dubai is the busiest city globally with people from various nationalities and cultures – hence despite modern infrastructure, different driving styles and traffic rules that people are usually not familiar with can be dangerous.

They knew that the UAE traffic authorities have set out strict traffic rules and regulations, along with advanced detection systems and hefty fines to make people follow the rules. 

So if you’re in Dubai, here are some safety rules that you must abide by to stay safe and enjoy the smooth city roads. You may own a car or might be planning to rent a car. Therefore, these rules are applicable if you have to rent a luxury car in Dubai in both scenarios.

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Basic Norms

  • The minimum legal age for driving in Dubai is 18 years. Drivers must renew their licenses every year before turning 21 and after that every ten years. 
  • A driver must be carrying their valid UAE license while driving along with original insurance and registration documents. For commercial vehicles, the driver must have permits and clearances. If you rent a luxury car in Dubaiyou must make sure that you have all the required documents when driving.
  • The UAE follows the right-hand drive system, with a steering wheel on the left and driving on the road’s right side. Accordingly, overtaking is allowed from the left. 

Critical Road Safety Tips


Make sure to keep a reasonable distance from other cars, especially those ahead of you. Go for the three-second rule to keep a safe distance. This will establish a space for reducing speed and sudden breaks. Don’t worry about people trying to come in the spaces, be patient and keep the same distance again. Better be late than never arrive! 

Therefore, when you obtain luxury cars for rent in Dubai, you must make sure that you should drive safely.

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Often drivers forget to turn on their headlights during nighttime and manage to drive in the brightness of streetlights. Be careful and don’t be one of those drivers. Headlights are essential, and they not only allow you to see the way, but they also help other drivers see your car. So always turn your headlights on and be aware of those driving with headlights off. Also, double-check before speeding up.

Hence, if you are renting luxury cars for rent in Dubaimake sure the automobile’s headlights are in fully working condition.


Many people with sports cars in the UAE tend to forget that over-speeding can lead to a fatal accident. You can’t take responsibility for others’ actions, but you only try to avoid overspeeding and let others pass by when they try to overtake. This will save you from getting into an accident. 

If you are on vacation in Emirate and you want to rent a luxury car in Dubai, you must make sure that you observe the speed limits when driving the rented vehicle.


This is illegal in the UAE. However, you still should watch out for habitual overtakers. Always look around and see side mirrors when switching lanes or pulling aside. 

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Headlight Flashing

This is the most maddening thing drivers in the UAE do. They are in a rush even when they aren’t and warn you with flashlights to change your lane so that they can speed up and pass by. Try to switch lanes so that they can leave and you can focus on the road again and be safe. 

When you obtain luxury cars for rent in Dubaiyou must ensure that you give way to the agitated drivers who flash headlights at you. It is better to stay safe. 

Lane Discipline 

It’s good to stay in one lane and refrain from unnecessarily changing lanes. However, if you need to move to another lane, make sure to double-check a reasonable distance between you and the car coming from behind.

Moreover, look for others changing lanes, often people forget to turn indicators on time, which leads to an accident. It’s also advised to keep check of the speed limit of the lane you’re driving in.

Don’t go above 60 in a slow lane, and similarly, don’t slow down in a fast lane because it will result in a hefty fine from the Dubai Police. 

Road Hazards

In the UAE, camels and goats are frequently seen on the roads, and they are the road hazards that could lead to a fatal accident. Try to maneuver around them or let them pass by first and then drive.

Always watch out for such risks, specifically when driving on the highways. Another hazard is the load on trucks and Lorries. The burden may fall off and collide with your car. That is why keep a safe distance from heavy load trucks. 

Whenever you rent a luxury car in Dubaimake sure you observe safe driving rules.

Seat Belt 

This one might seem obvious, but many people still do not wear seat belts. Wearing a seat belt is extremely important as it saves you from injuries when you get into an accident. So always wear a seat belt yourself and ask other passengers in your car to wear it too. 

Pedestrian Crossing 

You should know that pedestrians have higher rights than anyone else on the road. So be a civilized citizen and respect pedestrians’ rights by slowing down and letting the pedestrians cross the road first. Violating this rule will result in a fine of Dh500 or six black points. Moreover, crossing on the pedestrian crossing will also cost you Dh 500 fine. 

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