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If your smartphone seems slow or you want to sell it, you can reset it. Read full guide about how to Reset an Android Smartphone?


If your smartphone seems slow or you want to sell it, you can reset it. Overall, there are two ways to do this on Android: the soft way, through your phone’s settings, or the hard way, via the bootloader.

What data will be deleted?

All data will be deleted: your photos, your downloaded documents, your text messages… This is an effective procedure, especially if you sell your phone. However, https://www.factoryresethelp.com/ help you to back up your data.

Reset an Android smartphone through settings

All Android smartphones allow resetting via settings. But the exact location of this feature depends on your phone model. So you’ll have to dig a bit into the settings to find the option. Its name varies:

  • Clear all data
  • Reset phone
  • Reset device
  • Restore factory settings
  • Restore the original configuration …

You can choose the content to save beforehand (SMS, photos, etc.) on some models. The backup is usually done on Google Drive.

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Restore factory configuration via bootloader

Want to reset your phone using the hard way? Fine, but be aware that you will lose all unsaved data that is on your mobile. However, the data on your SD card (if you have one) will not be erased. This method is preferred when the phone no longer turns on, and you want to restore the factory configuration.

  • The Volume up keys and the Power button or Volume Down and the Power button (depends on the smartphone model) keep pressing simultaneously for a few seconds to access the Recovery Mode mode.
  • Several options are available: choose “Wipe data / Factory reset” by going down with the Volume down key, then confirm with the Power button.

The “ex-factory” version of your smartphone will then be restored. At launch, you will be able to configure Android again. All your accounts will have been disconnected, and all your data will have been deleted.


The first reason for resetting your smartphone: it is slow or seems buggy. If the source of the problem cannot be found despite several attempts, it is better to start from scratch by erasing all the data on the smartphone.

It is also possible that problems arise after an update: these can create compatibility conflicts with your applications. One of the first solutions is precisely to clear the cache of applications, but sometimes that is not enough. In any case, if you had encountered a problem after an update, starting from scratch always seems a good idea.

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Another possibility: you made a false manipulation when flashing a ZIP file on a rooted smartphone, for example—finally, the last reason, the desire to do a spring cleaning in your smartphone. We must admit that deleting files or applications one by one can be tedious. It is better to erase everything at once and then put the applications and files back as needed.


Before you start the operation, you must save your photos, music, and SMS not to lose anything important. Those who are afraid of reconfiguring all the parameters know that now most manufacturers allow saving of the parameters. As for Google, it will save your passwords, especially those of Wifi, and the list of your applications to find them quickly.

Here is the procedure to follow on a Galaxy S7 Edge, but it is almost the same on all smartphones:

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Go to Settings> Advanced settings> Backup & reset

From there, first, save your settings and SMS for example

Here is your smartphone as “left the factory”. But another manipulation exists, much more radical. For that you need :

  • Please turn off your Android smartphone, then turn it back on by holding down Volume Up + Home + Power or Volume Up + Power depending on the manufacturer
  • Choose Wipe data / Factory reset, then Yes- delete all user data and validate with Power
  • Once it’s done, you are back in the general list, press Reboot system now

Clear synced accounts

Before you think about resetting your Android smartphone, the first thing to do is to make sure your accounts are entirely out of sync. Not everyone thinks about it, but some data may remain even though you have just reset the mobile. Relatively easy to do, here’s how to do it:

  • first, open Android’s ‘Settings.’
  • scroll down the list until you find the ‘Accounts’ menu
  • once inside, click on your Google account
  • Click Remove (if you don’t see the button, look in the three dots at the top)
  • Repeat the same for all synced accounts

Reset an Android smartphone

It may be more interesting (but more radical) to return the Android smartphone to its factory settings. If your hardware is installed Android 5.0 or later, be aware that you can also activate the ‘Back up my data’ to find them by changing the mobile, for example.

To reset your Android smartphone, you must:

  • Go to Android’s ‘General Settings’
  • Look for a menu called ‘Backup and reset’ (in recent Android versions you have to go to ‘System’ to find the reset settings)
  • In this menu, click on ‘Restore factory settings’ or ‘Restore factory values.’
  • By this action, take into account that: the Google account, application data and settings,
  • downloaded applications, music, photos and other user data will be erased in their entirety
  • After passing the security screens, your mobile restarts

Note: Don’t worry, restarting your device may take several minutes. He needs to reinstall everything. Knowing that a reset consumes a lot of energy, be sure that your battery charge level is above 80%. Otherwise, charge your battery and wait.

We are now done, hoping this tutorial has been able to help you as best as possible. If you have any additional advice for users, the comments are always at your disposal.

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