Ring – a beautiful fashion statement you cannot resist


When it comes to accessories, one piece of jewellery that is equally loved by women and men is the ring. These are classic pieces of jewellery that enhance the style of any outfit by blending in and completing your look. A ring can also be matched with many outfits and other jewellery and though there is a ring for every occasion out there, choosing the perfect one can be a bit tough. The right ring design and style can seamlessly flatter every hand and every outfit, accentuating your style. If a beautiful ring for fashion is what your jewellery collection is missing, then check out this brief guide that can help you pick the right ones. 

Classifying rings based on materials

A ring comes in many metals and materials and is one of the first factors you must decide on before buying a ring. The popular materials used in creating and decorating rings are:

 1. Gold rings

A gold ring is one of the first choices of many people out there because of its beauty and value. One of the best things about gold is that these come in three popular shades- white, rose, and yellow, and these shades can accentuate your look in their own unique ways. 

 2. Platinum rings

Rings made out of platinum can be considered to be some of the most precious jewellery pieces out there that you could own! Platinum rings are usually more expensive than gold but its silvery shiny hue is worth the price. Many diamond rings have platinum as the base metal as well since the silvery-white shade can help accentuate the shine of the diamond. 

 3. Diamond Rings

When you say “diamond ring”, the first thing that comes to mind is a classic engagement and wedding ring. This is because diamonds have always stood as the symbol of everlasting love and its shine is simply too captivating to say “no” to. However, engagement rings are not the only classic diamond pieces out there. From casual everyday diamond ring options to cocktail and statement diamond rings, this is one material that can match every outfit and occasion. Diamonds also come in many settings, cuts, and shapes, so that even the subtler ones would look glamorous in their own way. Diamonds are usually accompanied by gold and platinum since both these metals are strong enough to hold these sparkling rocks. 

 4. Gemstone ring

When you love the shine of a stone but want to match it with your vibrant outfit, then a gemstone ring is exactly what you need. These come in so many different colours and shapes that each ring can be made to match specifically to your jewellery or outfit. 

5. Silver ring

A silver ring is another popular option that a lot of people consider purchasing. These may not be as expensive as gold or platinum but these are definitely strong and beautiful enough to be used as everyday jewellery options.

Tips to finding the perfect ring

Your heart may go after all the ring designs out there but choosing the perfect ring from an equally gorgeous collection might be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few tips that can help you narrow down your favourite pieces. 

 1. Considering the occasion 

A ring can come in many different styles- some might symbolize special life events like an engagement ring, some may be fashion statements, and some are just casual pieces that can be worn all the time. Therefore, before selecting a design, make sure you know exactly what occasion you are buying a ring for. If it’s for proposing to your partner, then choose a classic solitaire diamond ring made from platinum or gold, but if it’s for gifting your friend, then choose a nice gold band decorated with pearls or diamonds. 

2. Narrow down on the shape

If you are planning on buying diamond rings, then be sure to narrow down on the diamond’s shape and its setting. Certain cuts might be more expensive than the other, so before choosing a ring, do study up on what looks best but can still stay on budget. 

 3. Choose a metal

Most people plan on purchasing yellow gold rings since these are the traditional options. However, you can choose to deviate from this and pick one from a different shade or an entirely different metal. Make sure this matches your other jewellery as well. 

A ring is not just a shiny thing on your finger- they have deeper meanings and stories so do purchase a ring that can effortlessly describe your story. 

Rings are accessories loved equally by men and women. They are classic jewellery pieces that enhance the style…..

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