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Rotate a pdf – top 3 solutions

If you have used pdf files some time in your life. Then you also must have seen that sometimes in a pdf file, some of the pages are horizontal, and some of them are in a vertical position. This makes it highly difficult for the reader to read them. There are online software that can rotate the pages of the pdf file and align all of them in one direction.

If you are looking for this kind of software and have not got satisfying results, then your search ends here. Because in this blog post, we will tell you about three top software that can rotate your pdf file pages free of cost. So let’s show you how you can rotate the pages of your pdf file.

Top 3 solutions to rotate a pdf

We believe that every problem has a solution, and this problem can be solved by the solutions provided below.

  • 2pdf.com Converter

It is a pdf converter that converts the pdf into a word file, excel file, PowerPoint file, or HTML file. Apart from that, it is also used to rotate a PDF file and align them in a single direction. One thing that makes it the best online tool to rotate the pages of a pdf file is that 2pdf.com can sort the pages of your pdf files one by one. However, most of the other online tools align the whole file and not the single pages. If you want to use the best free tool to rotate your pdf file pages, then 2pdf.com should be your one-stop destination.

  • Rotatepdf.com

Nobody likes to install software just to rotate the pages of their pdf files. Therefore, to solve your problem, efficient online software is designed just for the sole purpose of rotating the pages of your pdf files. Now you can rotate a pdf online free using Rotatepdf.com and can make your pdf documents easy to read. With this software, you can rotate 20 pdf files at the same time. You can also switch in between the files and can rotate the pages individually. Once your pdf file is completely organized, you can simply click the download button and download the rotated pdf file.

  • ilovepdf.com

If you want to rotate multiple pdf files at once, then ilovepdf.com can do the right job for you. This is online and completely free software. With this software, you can rotate your unorganized pdf files and arrange them the way you want. All you just need to do is to open ilovepdf.com and select your pdf file or files that you want to rotate. Then you can rotate and arrange them in whatever way you like. If you are looking for this kind of software and have not got satisfying results, then your search ends here. and the i love PDF is the best option for you.


If you do not know how to rotate a pdf from PDF, you can use any of the steps mentioned above to rotate and arrange the pages of your pdf file.

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