Sandakphu Trek A Perfect Detailed Guide


Sandakphu Trek:

The Sandakphu walk where the starting of the trek is at an elevation of about 11,930 feet above the sea. This trekking spot is popularly known as the ‘Trekkers Wonderland.’ Mount Everest, Lhotse, Kangchenjunga, and Makalu are the four gigantic peaks that bind this expedition. The Singalila Ridge which is said to be a high land at the southern end of this region has a long crest that flows downwards from the Kanchendzonga range and also marks the border between Sikkim and Nepal which is all witnessed on this walk. The entire trekking spot is said to be located within Singalila National Park which is a biodiversity hotspot with several kinds of bird species, including the rare Red Panda, which is unique but not impossible to see.

  • Level of difficulty:
  • This trekking journey is ranked to be a moderate one. 

How to reach:

One can choose different forms of transportation such as the airways, railways as well as the roadways, or surface form. One can choose to reach this place by the roadways then this is for you. Buses that the state offers such as The West Bengal State Road Transport Corporation and other certain private travel services connect Siliguri to the rest of the state in India. It is about 7 kilometers from Matigara, 377 kilometers from Naogaon, and 560 kilometers from Kolkata.

If you choose to come to this trekking spot through the airways then this is for you. Bagdogra Airport is equipped to handle both domestic as well as international flights. Visitors can fly here from some of India’s major cities, such as New Delhi, Guwahati, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. Bagdogra is directly connected by plane from Bangkok and Paro. To get to Bagdogra, tourists can take a cab or a bus shuttle from the airport.

If you choose to come to this trekking spot via train then this is for you. The new Jalpaiguri railway station is said to be one of North Bengal’s busiest train stations. The railway station, which is 4 kilometers from Jalpaiguri city, offers good connectivity with a number of other major Indian towns.

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Best time to trek to this place:

The Sandakphu trekking spot is accessible to everyone for approximately 8 months in a period of a year. These trekking spots have some exceptions during the rainy months that is from the month of May to August. Every season brings a different flavor to the walk, from the Rhododendrons and magnolias in the spring to the crisp golden views of autumn and the soft snowy setting of winter. Seasonally, you can notice how the views, landscapes, and flora, and animals change. It is one of the best Himalayan bird-watching treks.

Thighs to carry:

Original ID card for any emergency checking purposes.. Wipes and toilet paper. Pack for the day (20-30l). Water can which can be refilled whenever possible. The second pair of socks. Shoes for hiking. Insect and mosquito repellant. Thermoplastic inners

  • Cap, socks, mittens, and scarf made of wool.
  • Must see things:
  • Indo Nepal Border:

The Sandakphu trip provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to walk in India while eating dinner in Nepal. Alternatively, you may have your lunch in Nepal and your toilet tents in India. The first pillars marking the India-Nepal border may be seen at Chitty on the first day of trekking. This journey is also culturally interesting due to the continual fluttering in and out of the Indo-Nepal border.

The Sleeping Buddha:

The mountain range of Kanchenjunga can be witnessed from the main town of Darjeeling. It makes one so eager to get a sight of this massif up close and personal on the trekking journey. From the first day of this trekking journey, you may catch glimpses of these mountain ranges that are spread across. here you get your first unobstructed view of the famous and beautiful statue of Sleeping Buddha after you arrive at Tumling. For most of the trip, you will be accompanied by the Sleeping Buddha. Every day, it gets closer and bigger. The clusters in this region can be seen so close to Phalut valley that it feels like the mountain ranges are just a stone’s throw away.

The villages of Samanden and Gorkhey:

Samanden and Gorkhey are picture-perfect villages. Gorkhey village is nestled in a small clearing bordered on all sides by dense pine forest, with a lovely river running through it. As you descend through the dense bamboo forest, keep an eye out for this town. Samanden is an hour’s drive from Gorkhey. Wooden cottages, vegetable fields, gorgeous gardens, and small areas of pine trees abound in this village. These are the kind of places that you would like to refer to as home.

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