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Five Critical Features in Scheduling and Dispatch Software

Let me share a list of features of scheduling and dispatch solutions that you can consider before choosing any platform for business.


Are you tired of the manual labor of copying and pasting orders, delivery, and task details from google calendars, and spreadsheets, etc.?  Manually copying and pasting the details from multiple applications is not just a tedious task but is inefficient, time-consuming, and prone to errors. Therefore, to avoid the mental and physical toll on your scheduling and dispatch teams, companies usually look for the platform and softwares integrated with multiple apps and automatically create tasks. 

Let me share a list of features of these scheduling and dispatch solutions that you should consider before choosing any platform for your business operations. 

Allows integration with applications

As humans, not a single digital solution is perfect. A single platform can not meet the needs of every department of a business. Therefore, companies use multiple applications and add-ons for their communication and task management purposes. Because of this, the platform that you select must allow you to integrate different CRMs such as Pipedrive, Hubspot, Keap by Infusionsoft, etc., and applications to avoid manual toll of copying and pasting data from each application. 

These integrations create tasks automatically once an opportunity has been created in any CRM or application, making scheduling and dispatch super easy and free of error. 

Easy to understand dashboard.

Dashboards are a very critical feature to manage the scheduling and dispatch process. Dashboards provide your dispatchers to quickly take the overview of daily scheduled jobs, the task assigned to each crew member, and the daily utilization of the field team and equipment. Besides, dashboards can be super helpful in quickly responding to the sudden requests in the change in schedule and route by allowing the dispatcher to assign tasks to any crew member through easy drag and drop. If the dashboard provided by the system requires extensive effort to understand, the dispatch process will always be prone to error. 

Therefore, the field crew’s schedule and dispatch solution must be straightforward to understand and provide multiple task view options such as calendar and list, provide essential details relevant to the task, and allow you to track the dispatch process in real-time.

Allows Two-way communication between stakeholders

As you know, customer experience is critical for customers, so you do not want to lose a customer just because of the lack of communication between your team and the customer. A good crew and scheduling softwares should provide you with features to engage your client during the complete delivery expedition so that your customers are not left in the dark and should not have to check in to know the progress of the task constantly.

Allow your customer to book appointments. 

The world is changing, and now your customers want to be in charge of their purchase and service use. Your customers must be empowered to choose an available slot that suits their schedule. So, the scheduling and dispatch solution must give you control to empower your users by allowing self-scheduling appointments. 

Help you automate data flow

In this digital and fast-paced world, no one wants to carry thousands of papers and have delayed data transmission between different tiers. Also, businesses are trying to go paperless by adopting digital solutions. The field crew scheduling and dispatching solution must empower you to collect the required data such as signatures, pictures, and notes, generate receipts and set up collections. The software must create appealing, eye-catching, and professional documents using the collected data to be shared with different stakeholders. 

I would strongly suggest you look at Arrivy’s scheduling and dispatch service. The solution has a dashboard that allows multiple task views to respond to unforeseen circumstances quickly, a job journal to allow you to keep your customer engaged through two-way communication, a digital form to collect important information, and APIs to allow integration with CRMS and applications.

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