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Sciatica Physiotherapy: What You Must Know

Physiotherapy and exercise are typically the first-line treatment methods to alleviate sciatica pain. The sciatica pain is generated by the sciatic nerve due to underlying medical conditions such as herniated disc or nerve root compression in the lumbar spine that radiates down the leg.

Can Physiotherapy Make Sciatica Worse?

The exercises should always alleviate symptoms rather than aggravate them. If you find that this activity exacerbates your pain or symptoms, you may have received an incorrect or inadequate diagnosis. Therefore, you must immediately refer to a Physiotherapist in Lahore for further investigation into your case.

Goals of Physiotherapy

  • Restore the original, pain-free musculoskeletal function (reduce muscle spasm or dysfunctional lumbar spine and sacroiliac joint)
  • Alleviate lower body (back, buttocks, or leg) pain
  • Improve the range of motion and overall tissue mobilization of the lower body
  • Induce neuronal changes that minimize pain perception
  • Avert pain flare-ups

Physical therapy can be carried out in two modes; active (therapeutic exercise regimen) and passive (treatments).

Doing It the Active Way: Exercises You Must Know

The active methods include a variety of physical exercises to enhance the mobility of joints and soft tissues depending on the presence of underlying conditions or site and intensity of pain, etc. A few of these include:

  1. Extension and flexion for the back: It promotes spine movement in particular ways that are relieving the lower back pain such as bending forward and backward. Before prescribing specific directional exercises, a physical therapist will usually assess the directional preference of the sciatica patient, as these are tailored to the individual patient and symptoms.
  2. The McKenzie method (mechanical diagnosis and therapy): It is a technique that uses a pattern of active directional motions to locate and treat a source of pain in the spine, muscles, and/or joints. It often necessitates proper training for the therapists to be able to prescribe this. The premise behind this method is to concentrate pain nearest to its origin (most frequently spine) that is suggestive of improving symptoms.
  3. Dry needling: This is a therapy carried out by a certified healthcare professional using a thin needle with an approach to stimulate the affected muscle thereby alleviating its hyper-irritable or hyper-contracted state.
  4. Gait training: It is the process of analyzing the walking technique of the patient and teaching the correct gait patterns. Video analysis may be used as part of this method.
  5. Joint mobilization is a manual treatment technique that involves applying pressure to a joint to mobilize it.
  6.  Joint manipulation is a manual process in which the therapist administers a rapid, thrust force to a joint at the maximum point of its range of motion to eliminate pain and restore original musculoskeletal function.
  7. Nerve mobilization makes use of all sorts of active and passive techniques on a problematic nerve to put it through tension and out of it to allow normal muscle movements.
  8. Functional training: It is about adapting to motions like lifting, carrying, bending, or other healthy postures and movements to gradually overcome the pain.

It is essential to visit a physiotherapist and learn and perform these exercises under their supervision before you practice them yourselves.

If you are putting up with pain, restricted movements, or a disturbed lifestyle, it is time to visit a Physiotherapist in Islamabad before it worsens.

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